4 Ways to Style a Velvet Dress

Elegant and stylish, velvet dresses are perfect from late fall to early spring. Thanks to its luxurious texture, these garments tend to be attention-grabbing. Velvet is a woven fabric that can be cotton, silk, rayon, poly, and even wool, while velour is a knit fabric with stretch. Since there are ways to make wearing a velvet dress fun while maintaining the outfit´s elegance, keep on reading for out styling tricks.

  1. Let the elegance of the velvet dress make a statement itself.


navy-velvet-dress-with-book-clutch blue-velvet-coat-with-knee-high-boots

Since velour has a rich texture and a noticeable sheen, it usually calls for simple, classic accessories as excessive ornaments can make a velour dress rather unflattering. Or, sometimes, you can let the elegance of the velvet dress make a statement itself by teaming it with muted shoes, and bag, as well as not wearing accessories with it. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, let the navy velvet dress make a classic and elegant statement itself by wearing it with leather tall boots perfect for the fall season.

  1. Add some interest by contrasting some texture with a velvet dress.

lace-velvet-dress-with-boots purple-velvet-dress-with-fur-scarf modern-velvet-dress-with-shirt-tied-on-waist

The first rule of velour is to never mix it with something as rich as velour itself though textures like fur, denim, silk, and tweed may be great. In terms of color, all the fabrics should be in similar hues, as velour may not play well with excessive contrasts. You may think of a black velvet dress with lace trims in the similar shade, or even tying a shirt around your waist wearing a velvet dress to create cohesive contrast. Also, wearing a fur scarf in muted shade can be great to bring out the elegance of your dress.

  1. Wear a statement accessory with a velvet dress.

sexy-green-velvet-dress-with-statement-necklace velvet-dress-with-statement-belt-and-boots black-velvet-dress-with-gold-heels

Since velvet is a fabric from another era, you may complement your dress with vintage accessories as well as a classic string of pearls that can be ideal. Also, vintage brooches and gold rings with precious stones are also great to create a glamorous look. A simple drop necklace, a fashionable clutch, and a pair of high-heeled boots can create an elegant look as long as the accessories do not contrast dramatically with the velvet. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, you may opt for a statement belt that’s the prime accessories for velvet dresses, creating a high-fashion statement. By pairing it with different accessories, the same velour dress can make an ideal choice for both daytime and evening outings

  1. Opt for a theme that suits your style.

bow-tie-velvet-dress-with-high-socks velvet-ball-gown-dress-with-quirky-shoesvictorian-velvet-dress-with-gothic-hat

Velvet dresses are one of the iconic fashion staples from the past that you can wear to create different statements. Like fashion blogger Olivia Emily, you may go for a gothic statement by going for a black velvet dress and teaming it with gothic accessories like a floppy hat and a choker. Or, make a quirky statement by going for a ball gown style of dress and wearing it with nerdy sunglasses and quirky shoes. Indeed, velvet dresses are perfect for creating bold fashion statements this fall season.

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