4 Ways to Stretch Your Clothing Budget

Most women think that once the hunt is over and the purchase is made, your job is done. However, a little regular wardrobe maintenance will dramatically extend the life of your hard earned and lovingly acquired clothing. So, keep on reading for the 4 ways to stretch your clothing budget so you’ll spend less in the long run.

  1. Invest in tailoring.


colorful-maxi-dress breezy-outfit-with-gladiators

Regardless of the brand or fabric quality, the fit of your clothes will take a piece from good to great. If you often buy items that are on sale, but don’t fit perfectly, you’ll eventually let them sit in your closet unworn. If you don’t want to toss away the pieces that don’t fit you perfectly, take it to a good tailor. Just pay attention to hemlines as if you’re on the shorter side, skirts and dresses will likely need to come up a bit. However, a little sartorial nip and tuck can make even the most modest pieces look like custom clothing.

  1. Embrace DIY clothing edits.

embroidered-jeans-with-structured-top embroidered-denim-with-slouchy-top-and-nude-pumps crop-top-with-embroidered-denim-jeans

Small, affordable transformations to pieces you already own can refresh your look and multiply the perceived number of items in your wardrobe. You may try replacing boring buttons with more dramatic novelty buttons, or bring a more conservative piece to life by rolling your sleeves. Having your jeans patch worked, embroidered, embellished, and even studded can be great to add a fresh piece to your closet without going shopping.

  1. Extend the life of your jeans.

colored-jeans-with-layered-top skinny-jeans-with-white-blazer cuffed-jeans-with-biker-jacket-and-white-top

Jeans are not created equal. Once you find jeans that make your butt look great, have the perfect wash or have just the right leg for your ankle boots, better take care of them. You may start by having them professionally hemmed rather than cuffing those hemlines that will only add some bulk. If you do opt for an old fashioned washing machine routine, hang them out to dry instead of heating them in the dryer. If you’ve got jeans that fit you perfectly around the butt and hips, but have slightly dated legs, take it to a tailor as it’s a much cheaper alternative to purchasing new jeans.

  1. Commit to regular shoe maintenance.

white-jeans-and-sneakers-with-coat metallic-gold-kimono-with-lace-outfit-and-strappy-sandals classic-pumps-with-chevron-top-and-shorts

Of all your wardrobe staples, your shoes take a daily beating. So, make sure they stay in shape long enough to walk you through the years. Classic pumps, ankle boots, ballet flats, strappy sandals, oxfords, and such need care and maintenance. With high heels, be mindful of when the heel tips wear down, and don’t wait too long to replace them. This way, the life of your shoes will increase exponentially. By heeding these simple hacks, you’ll stretch your clothing budget, making you get more than what you pay for.

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