4 Ways to Rock Peasant Tops

Contrary to the image that the name gives off, peasant tops are actually quite chic and sophisticated, especially when you style it right. You can even get away with wearing one to the workplace as long as you wear it with the right pieces. If you love the relaxed but stylish vibe that peasant tops exude and you’re planning on making these the newest addition to your wardrobe, check out these tips on the different ways to rock peasant tops.cute peasant top white and blue

cute pattern peasant top


  1. Sheer

If you think peasant tops are just a little too conservative for your liking and you’re looking for a way to inject some racy vibe to this innocent-looking piece, you can always opt for a sexy little peasant top made with sheer fabric. Now, whether you wear a cami or a tank underneath is totally up to you. This kind of peasant top is perfect for the warmer months of spring and summer and may even well work out to be a cover up for the beach.

sheer peasant top sheer peasant top and denim shorts

  1. Gypsy style

Nothing screams gypsy more than a darling little peasant top. This is a must-have in every Boho girl’s wardrobe. Wear it with loose and flowy pieces, with layers or with other gypsy style clothing pieces you have in your closet to complete the look. Also, be sure to look out for details like crochet, organic design patterns, lace, and fringe that are sure to add to the overall gypsy feel of your look and don’t forget to add accessories that will take your look to the next level.

boho gypsy outfit with peasant tops boho peasant top and fringe

  1. Off shoulder

Off shoulder peasant tops have a very chic and sexy look to them. You can wear them with something relaxed and laidback to achieve more of that gypsy inspired look or you can wear them with something a little more posh and sophisticated like a figure flattering pencil skirt to create a street style outfit that will have everyone turning their necks as you pass by.

off shoulder peasant top and ripped jeans off shoulder peasant top with maxi skirt and platforms

  1. With prints and patterns

If you’re someone who is used to wearing fun and interesting pieces all the time, you may find the peasant top a little boring. It is, after all, a very simple piece of clothing item. If you’re not into very clean and simple looks, though, you can always opt for a peasant top with prints and patterns, especially ones with embroidery details, as these have a more interesting look to them.

black and white peasant top black and white printed peasant top


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