4 Ways to Make a Style Statement with Eleonora Carisi

Whether you have a sophisticated or laidback style, you can always make a style statement on the streets as long as you know to make it work for you. Mind behind the Jou Jou Villeroy blog, Eleonora Carisi is a fashion blogger from Turin, Italy known for her statement-making looks from modern-chic to eccentric styles. She boasts a lot of collaborations for several luxury brands, such as Michael Kors, Chanel, Gucci, Ferragamo, and such. So, let’s get some scoop to make our street style statement making.

  1. Think of eccentric styles, intricate details, and boxy shapes.

boxy black and white dress with chunky sandals

white eyelet dress leather military dress with statement heels

Whether you have a minimalist or avant garde style, you can always make a bold statement by paying attention to your outfit’s structure, details and silhouettes. Like Eleonora, a black-and-white dress can make a statement making if it has a boxy silhouette and streamlined pleats. You may also think of cut-out details, intricate embellishments, creative embroidery, and even bold fabrics like patent leather, lace, and neoprene that will do the tricks for you.

  1. Look creative and trendy with color blocking.

candy striped sweater with yellow maxi skirt modern color blocked outfit with cute sunglasses color blocked striped bag with quirky outfit

Creative combinations of colors will make your style more expressive and fashion-forward. Like Eleonora, you may think of a pastel pink shirt that will look cute when paired with a navy-and-white skirt and camel jacket. However, if you’re afraid of wearing too many colors, think of a color blocked bag or shoes that will add some flair to your monochromatic outfit. Like Eleonora, you may think of a candy striped bag that will spice up your dark-green outfit of jumper dress and turtleneck sweater.

  1. Add some personality with prints.

checkered skirt with striped top snake print pencil skirt with chic top quirky diamond print dress with red bag

Depending on your personality, you may go for bold animal prints to give you a sophisticated yet fashion-forward look, or even quirky patterns that will give you a playful and eccentric look. If you’re heading to a formal occasion, keep your classy vibe with snake prints, leopard patterns, and even classic stripes. On the other hand, if you wish to show off your bold yet playful personality, think of quirky patterns and eccentric prints just like a diamond print dress that Eleonora wore that will look great in Fashion Weeks and weekend street style. If you wish to look trendy without stealing everyone’s attention, think of mixing your prints that will show off your artistic skills.

  1. Get a bold theme that will make your style standout.

statement bag with boxy graphic print dress sneakers with geometric print outfit quirky pajama outfit with pearl necklace and lug sole sandals

It might be great if you have statement pieces that will add some flair to your street style, but you can also get a bold theme that will put together all your pieces into a fashion-forward style. Like Eleonora, you may think of a pajama-inspired outfit that will look quirky with pearl necklaces and eccentric with lug sole sandals and fur clutch. Or, simply make your graphic print outfit sporty cool with a gold pair of sneakers like Eleonora did. By heeding these tricks from her, you’ll make a statement on the streets while staying true to your personal style.

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