4 Ways to Look Longer and Leaner In Flats

Flats may be worn during casual weekends with the thought of comfort, but we easily switch to heels for dressier occasions or even a dinner date just to look great. We may often resort to a pair of heels to elongate our frame, without knowing that flats can actually make an illusion of a taller frame, therefore make you look taller visually. So, keep on reading for the 4 ways to look longer and leaner in flats.

  1. Opt for a low contrast color of your footwear.


pastel-outfit-with-nude-gladiators metallic-gold-slip-ons-with-all-white-outfit

Depending on the shade of your skin, opt for a low-contrast color like white, beige, camel, or nude on your footwear, especially if it’s a lace-up or gladiator style. Like fashion blogger Chantal Galda, you may opt for a pair of metallic slip-on shoes or a pair of nude gladiator sandals that will blend well with your skin tone, especially if you have a lighter complexion. This way, you can still look trendy on gladiator sandals without shortening your frame.

  1. Resort to pointy toe on your flat shoes.

pointy-mules-with-cami-and-slit-skirt pointy-oxfords-with-turtleneck-dress-and-cardigan pointy-nude-loafers-with-bell-sleeved-top-and-frayed-shorts

If you’re going for ballet flats, skip round-toe styles that will only make you look shorter, and resort to pointy-toes. Generally, loafers, brogues, oxfords and such have pointy toes that can make your style comfortable yet edgy. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, opt for a pair of light-colored oxfords that will blend well with your skin to elongate your frame, while the pointy toes will also do the tricks for you. Just in case you’re going for darker shades like black, red, or navy, still go for a pointy toe to balance your overall look.

  1. Opt for low-cut vamps on your sneakers and slip-ons.

black-sneakers-with-chic-outfit white-sneakers-with-cut-off-shorts-and-white-topslip-on-sandals-with-matching-crochet-top-and-shorts

Sneakers generally have rounded toes, and slip-on sandals don’t have covers on the toes, so simply opt for low-cut vamps to show your ankles over high-rise styles. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Grace, opt for slip-ons without ankle straps so your ankle will extend as a part of your leg. Also, sneakers look chic in low-cut vamps as it shows the slimmest part of your calves.

  1. Team your flats with knee-length skirts, dresses, or shorts.

metallic-slip-ons-with-preppy-chic-outfit sporty-slit-skirt-with-bandeau-and-sneakers shift-slit-dress-with-sandals

Skirts, shorts, and dresses with flats look better if they stop at the knee or just above. A pencil skirt, always fabulous with heels can work with flats if the length is right and it’s the same with a fuller style skirt. Like fashion blogger Chantal Galda, elongate your leg line by going for a high-waist pleated skirt that will add some feminine feel to your style while doing the function of elongating your frame. Indeed, flats are great alternative to heels on days you want to feel comfortable yet stylish.

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