4 Ways to Look Contemporary in Classic Clothing Styles

If you are a more classic personality type, you might wish to translate your more simple and structured ensembles into a modern look.  Classic clothing is made for the office, it says professional and organized, but often you can feel that classic outfits look outdated for you. If you are naturally more in a classic style with no frills, flounces, or excess details, keep on reading for the 4 ways to look contemporary in them to avoid looking plain and boring.

  1. Keep the structure of your classic clothes to make them look modern.


trench-coat-with-leather-trousers structured-sailor-blazer-with-sneakers-and-straight-leg-pants

Well fitting clothing, nothing overly sloppy or loose will keep the polish of your outfit. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, keep your structures neat, especially if you’re a fan of wearing layered clothes, just like a pair of flared jeans worn with a tweed coat. Or, go for structured toppers to add some polish to your classic outfits, making them look more contemporary. Denim is best in dark washes without distressing and trench coats are a brilliant way to add structure and a layer to any outfit.

  1. Incorporate classic print to your looks.

floral-print-matching-set-with-tights striped-blouse-with-vest-and-wide-leg-pants polka-dots-top-with-striped-pants-and-baseball-cap

Wearing classic prints on your looks can me great to add some modern feel to your style. Like fashion blogger Lydia Elise Millen, you may go for a floral print matching set even if it looks more bohemian as long as you keep it modern with a pair of tights, black boots, and an urban handbag. Also, stripes are a classic pattern, and a Breton-style top is a great casual option. Or, like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky, channel a modern look from your classic polka dots top and striped pants by wearing them together topped with a baseball hat. After all, wearing mixed prints, as well as mixing chic ensembles with sporty ones look contemporary.

  1. Classics love quality, so keep your garments looking fresh and pressed.

chic-victorian-maxi-dress white-top-with-high-waist-shorts full-skirt-with-white-blouse

This is especially true if you wear light colored clothes as wrinkles, creases, and stains get noticed easily. If you hate ironing your clothes, opt for fabrics that look classy and polished without the need of ironing or dry-cleaning. This way, you’ll make your style more effortless and chic.

  1. Dress up your classics with accessories.

silk-scarf-with-bag-and-white-outfit black-jumpsuit-with-gold-belt all-black-outfit-with-chic-white-coat

To keep your look from looking dull and boring, make sure that you add in great accessories, from belts to watches, shoes, and bags. Scarves and jewelry are also important to give your plainer garments that detail and create focal points. Like fashion blogger Lydia Elise Millen, you may resort to a pair of trendy loafers and a bag with a silk scarf to spice up your white dress. Or, simply trade your black pumps with a pair of architectural heels that will do the tricks for you. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to keep your classic style from looking dull and boring.