4 Tricks to Look Stylish Without Being a Fashion Victim

When we look for inspiration to look stylish, we often seek for current trends and up-to-date looks. Though we often find it helpful for creating our pulled together outfit, some of us fall prey to the trends making ourselves a fashion victim. Looking for tricks to be stylish without being a fashion victim? Keep on reading for our tips and tricks.

  1. Only take the wearable trends that work for you.


geomoetric print dress metallic green dress with strappy sandals structured utfit with silver belt unexpected color combination outfit

Though many of fashion stores will often take inspirations from runway looks, many of them just don’t work in real life, and we’d just look ridiculous if we tried wearing them. Futuristic, avant-garde, and eccentric styles may be trendy, but not everyone can pull them off, nor everyone look good in them. So, look for more wearable trends like geometric, flared, jewel tones, asymmetric, denim-on-denim, unexpected color combination, and even architectural ones. Make them work for you, and discard the ones that don’t, however much you like them. If you’re not careful, following the trends can make you look like you’re only wearing something because you’ve been told it’s ‘in’ right now and making you lose your true sense of style.

  1. Have your own signature style.

distressed-jeans-with-denim-jacket leather jacket with black dress and booties pink skirt with denim jacket and sequin clutch statement outfit with chunky necklace striped outfit with classic pumps

Some women are fans of glamorous dressing looking like always heading to parties, while some prefer laid back and cool outfits for their casual street looks. Whatever style you prefer, always have your own signature style that shows off your personality at the same time suits your lifestyle. You may tweak your style by taking a catwalk look and adapt it yourself to make it more wearable. But, don’t change your style drastically according to what’s ‘in’; instead, tweak your style by adding elements of the season’s new looks.

  1. Spice your looks with one statement piece.

animal print skirt with turtleneck sweater fur coat with neutrsl outfit geometric print dress with leggings sequin trousers with structured top and gray bag statement top with slit dress

Fashion victims often slavishly follow the trends set by a particular designer by wearing statement pieces head to toe. However, keep in mind that you should be the one wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing you. So, go for a statement piece that showcases your personality whether it’s a structured jacket, metallic pants, animal print skirt, sexy top, fur coat, statement shoes, or an eye-catching print dress. Though it may be flattering to show the world that you own a designer bag, leave visible labels alone as wearing clothes with the designer’s name all over them means that you risk looking like the ultimate fashion victim. Don’t do their advertising for them as truly stylish women don’t wear clothes that have labels all over them, but instead go for stylish pieces that make a statement.

  1. Go for outfits that perfectly fit your shape.

tank top with pastel shorts and chic loafers  silk cropped sweater with pencil skirt denim-on-denim-outfit-with-structured-bag blazer with chic shorts

Look for the clothing styles that work with your figure. No matter how much you’d like to wear it, leave those unflattering pieces on the rack and look for garments that flatter you. If you’re straight figured woman, wrap dresses and empire styles may not look great on you so stick to neckline styles and dress designs that flatters you. Your style must also fit your lifestyle whether you’re working in a conservative office, spending hours in the parks, or even travelling on tropical destinations.

By taking these accounts into your mind, you’ll look more fashionable and expressive on your style without being a fashion victim.

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