4 Tips to Make Your Denims Look Good

Everyone loves a good denim piece in their closet they know they can turn to and wear anytime they need something quick, comfy and stylish, be it jeans, a jacket, top, shorts, skirt, or whatever other piece of denim it is that you prefer to wear. Caring for your denim is something you shouldn’t just put to the side. Your outfits will look a thousand times better when you have your denims in great condition. Here are some tips on how to make your denims look good.

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  1. Don’t wash them too often

Washing your jeans too often can make them sag and lose their shape which, in turn, can result to a bad and unflattering fit. This is especially true for raw denim. If you’re worried about your jeans having an off-putting smell between washes, you can always freeze them for a day or two to get rid of the odor. Simply fold your denims, slip them into a Ziploc baggy and leave them in the freezer. This trick works surprisingly well and helps denim pieces keep their shape better and smell pleasantly neutral, too.

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  1. Wash with cold water

Warm water makes denim fade and that can be a real bummer when you’ve spent a lot of time looking for denim pieces with just the perfect wash / color. To keep the wash / color of your denim pieces, make sure to wash them only with cold water. It’s best to do it by hand but if you don’t want to go through the hassle, you can also toss it on the washer as long as you set it to delicate.

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  1. Air drying works best

Tumble drying your denim pieces may work but if you’re in no hurry, do take the time to air dry your denim pieces. Air drying is the best way to dry denim. They help your denim pieces stay in shape and it’s more thorough compared to when you tumble dry so they don’t smell, even after a few wears.

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  1. Wash them before you get them altered

It’s normal to buy denim pieces that are a tad too big or a little too long in some areas because you can always have them altered at the tailor’s but before you head out and have your new piece done, make sure you wash them first. Twice is recommended but a one-time thorough wash before their trip to the tailor works, too. Washing your denim piece gives it the chance to shrink which is what you want before you have them altered instead of after.

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