4 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping

Thrift shopping is encouraged especially if you’re tight on budget so you can save more while looking more fashionable. Since thrift shopping is a bit overwhelming, keep on reading for our tips that will make your shopping easier and efficient.

  1. Have a fashion list with you.



This one depends on how visual and fashion-minded you are. Most of the time, it can help to make a list of specific items you want like a printed cardigan, a brightly colored tank top, black boxer shorts, striped sweater and such. Though you can’t go too specific because you don’t know what you’re going to find at a thrift store, the more directed you are the better as it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the disorganization and smell at the store. After all, it’s the price you have to pay for looking good on the cheap, so stop whining.

  1. Examine the piece first before buying it.

polka-dots-skirt-with-gray-sweater ripped-shorts-with-chambray-top-and-structured-bagoveralls-with-white-top

People get rid of thrift shopping because it’s a lot more complicated when you see holes, rips, stains, or other unfavorable flaws you see on a garment you like. Anything that shows its age, stretches, fades, or morphs in any way should be avoided. So, if you really like something, examine it well so you’ll avoid buyer’s remorse. If it checks out, go home and wash it before you wear it.

  1. Be realistic as some things are better new while some aren’t worth spending.

button-front-skirt-with-red-tee shortalls-with-fall-coatbutton-front-skirt-with-pink-gingham-top

Thrift stores don’t replenish when they run out of stock and there’s no way of ever predicting what they will have. Though you may find some treasures at a thrift store, prefer to buy jeans, heels, running shoes and anything white new. Like fashion blogger Noor de Groot, better resort to thrift stores when it comes to sturdy fabrics like denim that you can wear on your casual street style with a plain tee, or even overalls that can be dressed up with a fall coat. Or, look for more polished alternative of denim pieces if you’re planning to wear it on your casual Fridays and team it with a chic top.

  1. Be creative on what pieces you can wear with it.


Since you’re spending $10 on a piece instead of $50, don’t be afraid to buy things with the intention of making them different. A more traditional approach would be to buy a long dress that you can have tailored into a mini, or a blazer that needs taking in at the waist or shortening of the sleeves. Just channel your creativity by mixing and matching them with your existing wardrobe pieces. This way, you’ll extend your wardrobe even more without draining your wallet.

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