4 Thrift Shopping Myths Debunked

Thrift shopping can be economical if you’re tight on budget. However, it’s not as easy and comfortable as mall shopping and you need to have some efforts in finding great deals. If you think it can’t make your style fashionable, keep on reading for the 4 thrift shopping myths debunked.

MYTH #1: Thrift stores are where people put clothes that they don’t want. So why would anyone else want them?


boxy-top-with-pleated-skirt-and-mercury-sunglasses boho-gypsy-outfit-with-mercury-sunglasses

Though it’s inevitable that you will come across some questionable material when you thrift, you can still find some treasures there. In fact, you could actually find some items untouched, even with price tags as some of them came from fast-fashion stores’ surplus that can be a great deal. Remember of the saying “one woman’s trash is another one’s treasure” that will make you understand why it might be helpful to look at your local thrift stores to find vintage pieces, designer pieces, on-trend pieces, or even work pieces.

MYTH #2: Thrift stores are only for costumes or theme parties so there’s nothing in stylish there.

greek-goddess-inspired-outfit patterned-tights-with-retro-floral-top-and-skirt floral-print-kimono-with-denim-shorts

Though there is no better place for costume or theme party shopping than at the thrift store, there are also plenty of trendy pieces just waiting for you to give them a good home. You may score some bohemian outfits, gypsy outfits, culottes, kimono, crop top, maxi dresses, and even accessories that you can wear for a Grecian-themed party or even a formal dinner.

MYTH #3: Thrift stores are fine for funky clothes, but I need chic pieces for formal occasions and work outfits that I can’t find there.

fish-print-dress-with-colorful-clutch necklace-with-ombre-shirt-and-jeans striped-skirt-with-office-blouse

Though you can see some distressed jeans on thrift stores, you’ll also see that the majority of clothes could very well be incorporated into an office job, formal party, or even chic occasions. Office dresses, button-down blouses, blazers, dress pants, pencil skirts, heels, bags can be found at thrift stores. However, white outfits like tees, shirts, shirtdresses, and skirts are better bought as brand new as stains can be easily spotted on these garments.

MYTH #4: Thrift stores are overwhelming and disorganized, so I’ll never find anything in there.

fringed-vest-with-boho-dress cherry-print-crop-top-with-skirt breezy-white-matching-set-with-pearl-choker

Though there will be some digging involved to finding your treasure, you have to be patient as you’re after the great deal in a cheaper price. Just look for thrift stores with organized racks where clothes are divided by type and sub-types. Oftentimes, they are divided by color and sizes as well. However, expect that not everything that you will see there will fit you perfectly as most of them will need some trip to a tailor to make them work. By heeding our simple tricks, you’ll prove those thrift shopping myths false, and you’ll have a more fashionable style in a tighter budget.

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