4 Style Tips to How to Pick Your Statement Coats

When the weather gets chilly, especially on winter months, your coat makes your whole look. Winter season isn’t an excuse to skip looking fashionable throwing in any unflattering layers that add some bulk to your look that makes you lose your fashion statements on the streets. In a style full of layers, it’s your coat that can make or break your outfit so invest in a good one to express your style.

1. Look for eye-catching colors of coats.

black and blue outfit with neon coat

casual outfit with pink coat green coat with boots jumpsuit with yellow coat red coat with white dress yellow coat with quirky outfit

Bold and bright colors are always eye-catching, and incorporating them to your style is a great way to add some cheer to the dreary streets. Instead of picking traditional shades of coats mostly in earthy and neutral palette, go for neon, pastel, and bright shades to look lively especially in the winter months when the landscape is covered by snow. You may pair your brightly colored statement coats with casual outfit like jeans and tee, or with dressy ones like jumpsuits and feminine dresses. If you’re bold enough, you may copy Blair Eadie’s style of mixing unexpected color combination with a neon green coat and a bright blue dress. This way, you’re making it intentional showing off your creative skills.

2. Opt for coats with unique and standout structure.

dress with rain coat and neon shoes earth tone coat with dress fur collared coat gray statement coat blue coat with blue green outfitpuffer coat with black outfit

If you’re not a fan of colors and prefer neutrals over bold shades, then bring some interest on your looks by opting for unique and stand out structure of coats. Oversized, transparent, asymmetrical, vintage-inspired, Victorian-inspired, boxy, or even those with exaggerated details, zippers, buttons, pockets and such that can turn heads even in a muted shade. To keep the statement on your coats, avoid wearing them with brightly-colored outfit or eye-catching accessories.

3. Go for coats with statement patterns or prints.

abstract pink coat with pants animal print coat with sequined dress black-and-white graphic coat with pants camouflage coat checkerd coat with pink pants checkered coat with black outfit quirky print coat with dress zebra coat with casual outfit

Traditionally, coats are designed in neutral shades to make them more versatile suiting with any color and style of the outfit you’re going to wear with them. To add a bit of twist, instead of wearing printed ensembles, go for a printed coat and keep your outfit plain. Think of stylish prints like houndstooth, leopard print, zebra print, camouflage print, checkered patterns, or even abstract, graphic, and novelty prints that can definitely make a statement. The overall colors of the look are simple, but coat’s pattern makes it interesting.

4. Select the fabrics and textures that turn heads.

blue leather coat brown fur coat with jeans burgundy coat classic turtleneck with purple coat leather coat with suede outfit purple patent coat ripped jeans with two tone fur coat

Typically, coats are made from waterproof material to repel water. Aside from wool, you may get some fur, faux leather, patent leather, tweed, cashmere, knits and such that look interesting and creative. Faux fur is easier to find and afford than real fur, and can always make an outfit seem more expensive, so it’s a great coat style to buy. Contrasting the texture of your statement coat like wearing a fur coat with denim jeans, or a fur coat with suede pants is great adding more statement to your overall looks. Leather screams edgy, but a patent version of it screams glamour as its glossy finish reflects the light. If it’s winter, you have reason to wear leather head-to-toe so you may pick a leather dress or leather trousers to match with your statement coat.

Indeed, coats are a must-have for women’s closet keeping you cozy and stylish. So, grab your statement coats now, and make a bold statement on the streets even if it’s winter.



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