4 Steps to Clean Out Your Closet and Reset Your Style

Having a fashionable style may be fun and exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. You walk into a store and you start buying things that look fashionable even you’re unsure of how or where to wear them, and the next thing you know your closet is full of things you never wear. If you realized that it’s time for an edit and fashion reset, keep on reading for our 4 steps to clean out your closet and reset your style.

Step 1: Organize the clothes you wear the most and keep an eye for them.

fall coat with casual outfit

knitted turtleneck sweater with cuffed jeans full skirt with casual top and baseball cap

Start cleaning your closet by picking out the pieces that you wear the most. It may not be your favorite piece, but the one you wear the most and essential to your everyday style. These are the clothes you will be wearing for the next three months. It might be a pair of boyfriend jeans, sweater, tee, full skirt, or even a coat. With such a reduced clothing choice, it should be easier for you to utilize what you have to put together based on silhouettes and designs that work best together. Over time you’ll hone in on which clothes you truly need over ones that you want, which will make you a more strategic shopper in the long run instead of just following the trends.

Step 2: Categorize your seasonal clothes and pack away those you can’t wear on the current season.

denim jumpdress with printed top and boho hat winter vintage outfit with boots fur coat with vintage outfit

There are seasonal clothes that can be worn in multiple seasons by wearing them with layers or other seasonal outfits. A denim dress can be worn in the summer as a stand-alone piece, but you can also wear them in the fall by wearing long sleeved top and hats. However, you may pack them away when the winter approaches as it can be no use to you. If you’re in the fall season, you’ll need leather trousers over palazzo pants and fur coats over kimonos.

Step 3: Remove the clothes you’ve worn once, or likely you’re not going to wear.

patent leather boots with chic vintage outfit vintage casualoutfit with statement boots pinstripe pants with loose blazer

Whether it’s a vintage clothing you’re afraid to wear or a hand-me-down clothing, you have to remove the clothes you’ve worn once, or ones that you’ll not going to wear. It may be a skin-tight dress when you were slim that you can’t wear in the present moment because you’ve gained some pounds. By clearing your closet with the things you’re not going to wear, you’ll save time on deciding what to wear in the morning, and you’ll save space for the clothes you really love to wear.

Step 4: Start adding essentials or trendy items that can spice up your basics.

vintage skirt with denim shirt puffer cape with casual outfit pink sweater with vintage belt and cuffed jeans

Over time you may choose to start incorporating more essentials and trendy items that can spice up your basics, but take it slowly at first so you don’t fall back into old habits and start buying a bunch of stuff that’s not really versatile enough to be useful. Remember, if you’ve managed to go a whole year without wearing something you probably don’t really need or want it anyway maybe you’ll be more careful in investing in your wardrobe pieces. By cleaning out your closet and resetting your style, you’ll have a more organized life and a more fashionable style.

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