4 Simple Rules for Whipping Your Closet into Shape

If you’re working in fashion, chances are it made you a more fashion-forward woman and a more effective “wardrobe editor”. However, if you have to get creative when it came time for the changing of the clothes and whipping your closet into shape, keep on reading for the 4 simple rules every woman should live by.

  1. Organize your work clothes in one section and play clothes in another.


off-shoulder-top-with-pleated-skirt wide-leg-pants-with-cold-shoulder-top

Getting ready in the morning will be easier if you’ll organize your work clothes in one section and play clothes in another. If you usually wear your modern classic outfits at your workplace, and can hardly find them fit your casual weekends, set them on one side. Those versatile pieces like turtlenecks, tank tops, blazers, and such that you can re-mix with your casual ensembles can be placed at the center of your closet, making your options easier on creating outfit combinations.

  1. Know which pieces to hang and which ones to fold.

chic-beach-maxi-dress sporty-cool-outfit chic-white-outfit-with-sunglasses

Once you hung them up, the wrinkles will subside, letting go of the ironing job, and you’ll realize that you actually owned three almost-identical ensembles. Some of the fashion staples that are meant to be folded are sweaters, bomber jackets, jogger pants, t-shirts, and tank tops. If you know the t-shirts and the tank tops that are a little bit nicer than your other t-shirts and tank tops, label them as “appropriate for the public” and hang them. Also, do not hang your chunky knits, especially those that will stretch out. By doing this, you’ll make your high-quality clothes last longer.

  1. Organize your clothes in matching colors or matching hangers.

boho-chic-outfit white-sweater-with-full-skirt-and-midcalf-boots vintage-dress-with-pearl-choker

If your clothes are hanging on similar-looking but different hangers, they’ll look horrible. So, hang them all on identical hangers instead. Remember, different hangers will make your clothes look ugly, while uniform hangers will make your clothes look pretty. Also, you may organize your clothes in matching colors to make it easier for you to create color combinations just in case you wish to make it classy or trendy. By doing this, you’ll make everything organized and easy.

  1. Favor clothes that don’t need ironing or dry cleaning.

sneakers-with-urban-cool-outfit sexy-black-lace-dress bohemian-festival-outfit

Knits, denim, cashmere, lace, and such are some of the fabrics that don’t require ironing, making you save time and effort in preparation. Like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky, you may resort to a little black dress made from lace that doesn’t require ironing over silk and satin, which can still make you look sexy and glamorous. Also, favor stretchy leggings and denim jeans on your casual weekends that can make you feel comfortable without the extra effort of ironing them. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to organize your closet and make your early morning dressing easier.

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