4 Sexy New Hairstyles to try Right Now

Summer is almost here! So apart from changing your wardrobe, there’s another thing you should revise – your hairstyle. If you are ready to change your mane from meh to marvelous, then here are some of the sexy new hairstyles to try right now.

Classic Curls

There are many new hairstyles to try right now, but one of the best remains to be the classic curly hair. Get the vintage pin-up girl look by applying volumizing mousse to your damp tresses. Hand dry your hair – and when it’s about 95% dry – use a round brush to fix your locks by section with the help of a duckbill clip. Curl the strands and cool the hair with a diffuser.

curly hair

curly hairdo curly hairstyle

Light and Wavy

If classic curls are too much for you, then go for the ‘more casual’ version – the light and wavy locks. This is one of the sexy new hairstyles to try if you want to hit the beach and get a tan. To achieve this hairstyle, part your damp hair with a rattail comb. Spray the roots and the ends, scrunch your locks thereafter. Once your tresses are dried for good, alternate your flat iron and curling iron to give your strands a natural textured look. Set your finished product with your favorite hairspray and you are good to go.

wavy hair wavy hairstyle wavy hairdo

Straight and Sleek

One of the new hairstyles to try right now is not necessarily new – especially if you like wearing your long hair as it is. However, if you want to look sexier than ever, then do make it a point to blow-dry your hair without creating any bends whatsoever. As you do so, use a big round brush as you go to the roots – in order to give your tresses the volume they deserve. Use hairspray as needed to keep your straight and sleek strands in place.

straight hairstyle straight hairdo straight hair

Low Ponytail

A ponytail might be a common look for you, but wearing it in a low ponytail has become one of the new hairstyles to try right now. Look as elegant as the celebs who sport this hairdo by parting your mane carefully and blow-drying the top of your tresses. Apply mousse and hairspray to keep the strands in lockdown. Afterwards, brush your locks neatly and tie your tresses with a ponytail holder. If you like, you can utilize some of your hair to conceal the ponytail holder. Flat iron the rest of your locks for a super elegant look.

low ponytail hair low ponytail low pony

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