4 Reasons Women Should Shop in the Men’s Section

You may shop at men’s section to buy a gift for your special someone, friend, or even brother, but you could also score something unique for yourself. Many women breeze right past the menswear, but there are four reasons you should stop and take a closer look.

  1. The price of unisex pieces on menswear section is typically cheaper than women’s clothing.


structured-blazer-with-denim-jeans borrowed-from-boys-outfit-with-peep-toe-boots

Basic and unisex pieces like t-shirts, button-down shirt, biker jacket, boyfriend jeans, straight leg pants, and boyfriend blazers are some of the ensembles made for men that often cost significantly less. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, spice up your style by wearing boyfriend blazer with boyfriend jeans and tee. Or, think of going casual cool with ripped jeans teamed with biker vest and tee like she did.

  1. Men’s clothes are more comfortable than women’s.

black-tee-with-joggers-and-structured-bag straight-leg-pants-with-checkered-top-and-blazer oversized-coat-with-all-black-outfit

Have you ever heard a guy complain that his shirt is cutting off his circulation? Maybe not as men’s clothes are much roomier than women’s. So, men’s section is a great place to look for an oversized sweater or tee. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, think of getting a black tee from men’s section that can flatter your jogger pants in a more effortless way. Also, men’s oversized coats and blazers are typically look more structured and sleek that can be great to look more polished on your trendy style.

  1. Buying from the men’s section with give you more options to change up your look a bit.

black-dress-with-edgy-blazerborrowed-from-boys-outfit-with-heels white-top-with-urban-outfit

Many women shop at the same stores, making you look identical to your friend. Buying from the men’s section with give you more options to change up your look a little as not every woman will have the guts to go onto men’s wear to look for their own outfits. However, there are a few things you should know before diving in as sizing can be tricky compared to women’s sizing where you can often know which size to grab. Menswear is more of a guessing game depending on the fit you’re after, but it’s better to go for slim-fit styles to look more womanly over standard styles.

  1. There are men’s clothes that can add some edge to your street looks.

sailor-blazer-with-button-down-shirt4-structured-coat-with-skinny-jeans-and-bag boyfriend-blazer-with-straight-leg-pants

Keep in mind that there are some items that just don’t work on a women’s figure. Unless you’re aiming for a masculine look without any curves, men’s pants are not cut for women’s hips as they’re often too big or too wide. But when it comes to things like blazers, tuxedos, sweaters, coats, and accessories, your next best find could be just a flight of stairs away. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll add some edge to your style effortlessly.

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