4 Outstanding Ideas to Wear Lime This Summer

Summer is all about wearing juicy colors and punchy shades. Lime, also traditionally known as lime green, is a color that is a shade of green, so named because it is a representation of the color of the citrus fruit called limes. It’s actually an active and vibrant shade of green and yellow that’s almost neon yet more relaxed. Lime green is a refreshing color and when paired with the right color it can make a striking statement. So, keep on reading for our 4 outstanding ideas to wear lime this summer.

Make your office outfits creative and summer-inspired with lime.

floral dress with green structured bag

lime green silk track pants with blazer olivia palermo in green structured dress wedge sandals with green dress

If you’re working in a creative workplace, wearing juicy and punchy colors won’t hurt. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, look professional yet creative with a pair of lime trousers topped with a chic office blazer. Lime shirtdress that falls on the knees look office appropriate while wearing a lime green bag with your floral print dress look refreshing and cool. If you’re working in a fashion-related office, copy street style star Olivia Palermo’s look by going on an architectural lime dress that will also look appropriate for fashion editors.

Lime can add some pop of color to your neutral ensembles.

all white outfit with green bag and neon yellow sandals white block heeled pumps with green bag and dress leather shorts with mint green chiffon blouse green sunglasses with green jacket and chic dress green shirt with shorts and slip on sneakers

You can add some pop of color to your neutral outfits with a lime-colored bag, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry and such. Lime green looks good with black and white combination, but remember that the black in your look in any case should not be much. If the black will be greater on your overall outfit, the look would be weird and overweight. So, think of black handbag or shoes, but not both together or the striped top successfully beat bright and fresh color of lime. Like fashion blogger Sydne Summer, add some flair to your all-white outfit, but add some pop with a lime green bag, or perhaps a pair of yellow sandals that looks fruity and punchy enough for the season.

Take advantage of lime-colored prints and patterns to spice up your street looks.

lime green top with white pants green shorts with yellow bag and button down shirt bright green summer dress

Lime-colored patterns and prints can make your street style more interesting while keeping it cool. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, opt for a lime-green blouse with animal prints to look sophisticated enough while keeping your style cool. Or, channel some playful vibe with a pair of printed lime shorts teamed with a chic top and a yellow sling bag.

Look creative with eccentric color combinations.

cute clutch and green heels with checkered dress neon green skirt boho susanna lau green outfit with cobalt blue clutch and green pumps

Unexpected color combinations are some of the daring yet fashion-forward ways to look trendy on your street style. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, you may start with two to three colors like wearing a lime blouse and turquoise trousers with a cobalt blue clutch. If you feel adventurous enough, feel free to explore the bright colors in the color wheel to end up with the most unexpected yet trendy looks like fashion bloggers always do.

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