4 Lessons You Can Learn from a Simplified Closet

Most women have a closet full of clothes but find every morning challenging to dress up saying they have nothing to wear. Investing in fresh pieces can be fun, but too much stuff in your closet is not pretty to look at. Since simplifying your closet will save you future time and money, keep on reading for the lessons you can learn from it that will make you a savvy shopper and fashion-forward woman.

  1. Don’t hold on to clothes just because you feel guilty about how much you spent on them.


night-out-outfit-with-burgundy-boots green-and-pink-outfit

Once you go through your wardrobe and assess every article of clothing and pair of shoes you own, you will discover you are holding on to a lot of things you no longer love or need. Instead of keeping them in your closet, get rid of these things as you must only keep what you absolutely love and need. Whether it’s a pair of ill-fitting jeans, colorful dress that doesn’t suit your personality, or worn out tee, they shouldn’t be a reminder of mistakes you made or a size you used to be. Remember, your clothes should work for you and happiness is what should drive your decisions about what to keep in your closet, not guilt.

  1. Simplifying your closet saves you time and money.

chambray-dress-with-sneakers graphic-top-with-leather-skirt sweater-with-button-down-shirt-and-fall-boots

By simplifying your closet, you’ll know what you have and what you need to complete your wardrobe. This way, you’ll not be carried away by sale items and discounted pieces that you don’t really need or want. Also, if you already know what you already have, you’ll prevent buying duplicates of the things you already own. Remember, a deal isn’t a deal if you’re spending money on something you already have.

  1. When your closet is full of items that you only love, you know exactly where everything is.

free-flowing-white-dress-with-suede-sandals leather-skirt-with-banded-sweaterpreppy-cool-outfit-with-sneakers

Upon shedding a good percentage of your wardrobe, you’ll be left with things you love and enjoy looking at. You’ll dress up easier and effortlessly by knowing where to grab that particular shirt or skirt. Like fashion blogger Nika Huk, it will be easier for you to mix and match your separates since all pieces look attractive for you whether it’s a sweater teamed with a leather skirt, or a casual top paired with a polka dots skirt. By simplifying your closet, getting ready suddenly becomes so much more efficient and pleasant.

  1. You must only buy what fits you in the present.

gladiators-with-fringed-bag-and-denim-coat zipped-denim-overalls sweater-with-striped-skirt

Buying the things you don’t really love will only consume some space in your closet, making them look cluttered and stuffed, still find yourself nothing to wear. By sticking to the manta of buying what only fits you in the present, you’ll maximize your wardrobe and save money for more valuable buys.

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