4 Keys to Dressing Up or Down for Any Occasion

If you find yourself wearing the same outfit every week, maybe it’s time to learn some tricks to refresh them. Instead of trying to keep up with the current fashion trend, take a closer look at your wardrobe as you can definitely make your clothes appropriate for every occasion with our 4 practical tricks.

  1. Determine your color theme.


silk-culottes-with-off-shoulder-top sexy-red-jumpsuit

The easiest way to plan your outfit is by determining the color theme. Keep it simple by only using two or three colors. Generally, neutral tones and jewel tones look more classy and formal over brightly colored ones. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you may go for an ombre dress from black to gray hues that look more classy over neon yellows and oranges. On the other hand, if you wish for a casual look, go for muted shades and bold colored ones that can be appropriate for your casual weekends.

  1. Choose appropriate fabrics.

emerald-green-sequin-dress-with-classic-pumps ruffled-party-dress fur-skirt-with-studded-sweater

Generally, fur, wool, silk, satin, chiffon and such look more formal over denim, rayon, chambray, mesh, and such. Like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez, if you wish to make your studded sweater appropriate for a girl’s night out, dress it up with a feathered or a fur skirt. Sequin dresses, silk skirts, satin tops and such are great for evening affairs. Some leather ensembles can also be great to add some edge to your casual or formal outfits.

  1. Your shoes can dress up or dress down your overall look.

feline-print-sweater-with-pencil-skirt-and-classic-pumps sneakers-with-skinny-jeans-and-fall-coat sandals-with-yellow-orange-dress-and-sling-bag

Another way to dress up is by letting your shoes take center stage. Wearing the right shoes can definitely make your outfit pop. If you wish to dress down your dressy outfit, resort to a pair of flats or sneakers. On the other hand, switching from sandals to classic pumps can give your outfit an instant upgrade. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, dress up your casual chic outfit if quirky print sweater and pencil skirt with a pair of black pumps that can do the tricks for you.

  1. Add some personality with your accessories.

choker-with-all-black-outfit-and-fur-coat striped-green-and-navy-top-with-red-skirt gold-belt-with-white-maxi-dress-and-box-clutch

Accessories can add sparkle to your boring outfit. You can choose a piece of clothing as the main focus of your outfit or pick a statement accessory to spice up your style. Also, you can take advantage of your accessories to add some personality to your looks. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, think of a black choker that can add some edgy vibe to your all-black outfit and fur coat. Also, going for a metallic gold belt can make your white maxi dress classy and perfect for a formal party like fashion blogger Nicole Warne did. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to dress up and dress down your outfit for every occasion.

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