4 Hottest Ways to wear Black

How To Wear Black Outfits

It has never mattered what season it is since there are always ways to wear black despite the weather or occasion. A fashionista and non-fashionista can pull of the black outfit effortlessly and celebrities have worn enough to inspire us with our own looks.

Some people hate it but for some, it’s the best you can have in your wardrobe. Just like white, anybody can wear black but the way to look really classy comes with three words- chic, elegant,and feminine. Some fashion staples do come in black and it’s easy to identify them as they have become classics through the years such as the darling little black dress, sexy black pumps, fierce black suit, and the black leather jacket, not to mention the motorcycle boots as well. We perfectly remember Audrey Hepburn in that gorgeous LBD as well as Kate Moss in a biker jacket. let’s start making our own moments in these hot black now!!

There is no wrong way to wear black but you can manage to look perfect in your style. You can take a hint from the models, actresses,and other artists for they have great ways of styling black all over or just a bit of it in their outfits.

1. Skirted outfit.  Black never ever gets less trendy and I bet my closet on it. The way to look ladylike but not too soft in the eyes is to wear this dark shade. And don’t forget the high heels.





2. Black Street. Power dressing has gone from corporate to the cut-throat styles in the city. For winter it’s better to get all covered up but when the temperature rises a bit, street allows to show some skin and everybody’s got warmer smiles again.




3. Model Slick. Simple but edgy is supermodel style and you can achieve it with a lot of black, a little white and a matte look. Want more edge? Add some color into your look.





4. Leather Strong. Black always looks good in leather and on anybody who got the attitude to carry it. Just remember this one important rule: Wear leather one item at a time. If you wear it all together from top to bottom, you might as well join the bikers team.