4 Great Shopping Deals That Usually Aren’t

Everyone loves a good deal and there’s something immensely gratifying about finding that special item for an unbeatable price. However, most of them are designed to trick consumers into buying multiple items at close to full price. So, keep on reading for the most common great shopping deals that are really just bad bargains, so you’ll be a savvy shopper all the time.

  1. Red Tag Sales



Remember, not every red tag sale signals a great deal and means you’ve found a bargain. In fact, some less-than-honest retailers have been known to drop the prices by only 1 percent for an excuse to put up promotional signs and enticing red tags on all their merchandise. The key is to find out what the normal list price of an item is, and compare it to the competing retail chains before you buy. If the sale price is 10 percent off or less, find a better deal.

  1. Store Loyalty Cards and Membership Discounts

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Many big-box retailers offer store loyalty cards that allow you to accumulate points toward store credit, product discounts, and other incentives that claim to give you better savings. However, if you do the math, you’ll find out that most often, you’re just spending $600 or more before you see a $6 credit, which will only be good for a limited time. So, better forget that 1 percent discount, and shop around for a better deal. Also, think how much a membership card will save you as sticking with a particular store because of a free loyalty card isn’t a very thrifty decision, as well as paying for an additional fee just to get discount at the same location.

  1. Buy One Get One Free

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There’s something about the phrase “get one free” that’s hard to resist. If you’re going to buy consumable goods, that would be great, but if you’re going to buy multiple tee or dress of a kind, that wouldn’t be wise. If you ‘buy one, get one free’, you’re essentially getting two products for 50 percent off. If you go for ‘buy two, get one’ promotion, you’re just dealing with just a 33 percent savings. The worst, if you succumb to ‘buy three, get one’ deal, it will only save you a reasonable 25 percent, and anything over that isn’t worth bothering with. Apart from it, you’ll be saddled with multiple versions of the same item.

  1. Online Sales


Before going for an online shopping, remember that online purchases come with hefty shipping and processing fees attached. There’s no point of saving a buck of two off retail prices when you’re shelling out twice as much or more for shipping. It’s easy to let low-priced bargains pile up in your electronic shopping cart and overlook the rapidly accumulating shipping charges. So, the key is find online sites that offer free or discounted shipping rates. By taking these tricks, you’ll be a savvy shopper and you’ll banish buyer’s remorse for good.

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