4 Fun Brow Trends You Can Try for the Holidays

Christmas and New Year may be over, but the festive vibe of the season lives on. If you’re still on the hunting for looks that you can try playing with your brows. I know that your brows are probably not the first thing you’d plan to play with if you’re feeling bored with your looks, but why not give it a try? You can make a statement with your brows as bold or as subtle as you like. Here are a few fun brow trends you can try.


  1. Brows on fleek – for those of you out there who aren’t very good at leaving their comfort zones, your usual eyebrows on fleek should be good enough for the holidays. It’s simple yet fierce, and it can really take your makeup look to the next level. If you want to try something new, add a little twist to your brows on fleek. Try doing the arch slightly higher or make the tail a bit sharper, anything that you wouldn’t usually do but would love to try and pull off.brows and lips on fleek
    brows on fleek look brows on fleek
  2. Glitter glam – looking for something to give you that extra quirky yet also extra festive holiday glam brow vibes, this trend is certainly one that will tickle your fancy. Now, there are tons of ways to get the glitter brow trend going for you. You can outline your brows with glitter, dab glitter on strategic spots, or just go all out and cover your brows in them — it all depends on how loud or how subtle you want your statement to be.glitter brows glitter brows on gigi hadid runway glitter brow look
  3. Golden girls – another really fun and totally eye catching way to do your brows if you’re still craving that fun, quirky, and festive holiday brow vibe is to get your brows gilded in gold. Okay, maybe not legit gilded but just make them look nice and golden. It’s a rather strong statement to make and, admittedly, not everyone can pull it off so try it with caution.gold brows gold eyebrows
  4. Colored brows – feeling wacky? Why not translate your feeling into a fun and fearless brow look? Colored brows are great for when you want something cool and quirky. Just like golden brows, they’re not for everyone, but they sure are fun to try. If you’re the kind who’s confident enough to pull off anything anyway, why not give this one a try? It goes great with those who have rainbow hair, too.colored pink brows color brows on cara blue under brows



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