4 Flattering Ways to Belt Your Curves

If you are a woman who hates her midsection, then you’ve probably been hesitant to wear a belt thinking it will only draw attention to the biggest part of you. On the contrary, belts can add structure and shape to any outfit and actually flatter you, when worn correctly. Whether you’re slim, petite, tall, or curvy, keep reading for the 4 ways to belt your curves.

  1. Experiment with different widths.

gold chain belt with black dress

wing sandals with white dress and edgy belt wide leather belt with coat

Play around with the width of your belts as a wide and skinny belt can flatter you depending on how you’re going to style them. Don’t be afraid to wear a skinny belt, especially if you’re slim and tall as it flatters your frame. On the other hand, wider belts look more proportions for curvy women as well as tall ones. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may opt for a gold chain belt with slim style to add some metallic accent to your black dress without making it look over the top.

  1. Experiment with placement.

flowy dress with belt urban zipped dress with belt gray skirt with fitted sweater and belt

You also need to experiment with the placement of your belt. Though wearing belt around the narrowest part of the waist is the most flattering, don’t feel like that’s the only spot for a belt. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you can wear your belt around your natural middle or slung low around your hips, especially if you’re wearing a low-waist skirt. However, keep in mind that belts shouldn’t actually be worn to keep too big pants on you as your clothes must fit and flatter your figure whether you’ll wear a belt with them or not.

  1. Use a contrasting color.

chino trousers with polka dots blouse and pink belt yellow romper with cowboy belt wrap romper with belt

Though you may stick with tonal looks just like a black belt with a black dress, try to experiment on contrasting colors to create a more creative look. Like fashion blogger Sydne Summer, think of wearing a brown belt with your yellow outfit that looks more stylish and trendy. Also, wearing a belt as an accessory instead of a functional one can be great to maximize your wardrobe. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, add some pop of color to your corporate outfit with a pink belt teamed with shoes.

  1. Wear belts with outerwear.

knotted belt with coat cardigan with belt and jeans blazer with wide belt and skinny jeans

Belting your layers or toppers can be great to achieve polished looks, especially in the fall with cooler weather. Like fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick, make your casual jeans and cardigan look more polished with a metallic belt that will do the tricks for you. Or, add some shape to your structured or shapeless coat like fashion blogger Jane Aldridge did, wearing a knotted belt with her gray coat that looks creative at the same time classy. By heeding these belt tricks, you’ll be able to look flattering in belts regardless of your body type.

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