4 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn from Christian Louboutin

Designers are known for creating the most fashionable looks on the runway, which can make your street style more expressive and statement-making. The most famous shoe designer of our time, Christian Louboutin, known for his signature red soles, impart 5 fashion lessons on fashion and beauty that you might want to learn.

  1. Go on with your seasonal self.


sexy-maxi-dress-with-sling-bag sheer-harem-pants-with-crop-sweater

Though we’re always urged to dress for your body type and dress for the season, Christian Louboutin suggests to go with your seasonal self. That’s the reason why we can spot many fashion icons and style bloggers donning sheer and see-through pieces in the colder months. As long as you can be confident to make a bold statement, style rules don’t matter.

  1. Trends aren’t necessarily on trend.

architectural-outfit-with-heels cut-off-shorts-with-biker-jacket sneakers-with-crop-sweater-and-skirt

Every season, each fashion magazines that hit the shelves declares a different list of styles to be the looks of the season. However, Louboutin appreciates the concept of individuality more than anything. “You have the trend, then you have the opposite of the same trend, and so it goes from one thing to the other,” he says. “I think that people can just do whatever they want. You just have to go in the direction of it fits you and it looks good on you,” he said. So, go for ones that express your individuality whether they look trendy or not.

  1. Don’t be tempted to wear the things you don’t really love just because they’re on trend.

double-slit-maxi-dress-with-sexy-heels watermelon-fruit-clutch-with-checkered-outfit graphic-sweater-with-architectural-boots

Following trends may be fashionable, but don’t be tempted to wear the things just because they’re on trend. “I don’t like clogs. I really do not like clogs. I just don’t like the sound of it, and it doesn’t give you a nice way to walk,” he says, before adding flattering, sexy, and beautiful to the list of things that clogs are definitely not. Instead, he recommends his collection of nude shoes to enhance a feminine silhouette and embellished pumps for a more festive feel while keeping you classy and chic.

  1. Embrace nude ensembles and shoes that look elegant and sleek.

nude-pants-with-lace-peplum-top leather-skirt-with-nude-bodysuit gray-midi-dress-with-nude-sandals

When it comes to color choices, Louboutin explains, it may have more to do with your locale. For example, go for classic red when flying to Paris, “but if you go to Florida, the light is so different, you may go on the pink side.” Since nude is one of the neutrals that look sleek and modern, embrace the shade on your ensembles and shoes. Like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez, you may go for a nude bodysuit that will go well with your leather skirt and leopard print sandals which look sexy without going too provocative. By heeding these simple tricks from him, you’ll be able to get more practical and stylish looks.

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