4 Experts’ Tips on How Shoes Affect Your Image

Though your shoes are normally the last item of clothing you put on, they reveal a lot about you. Lisa Joseph, of Josephs Shoes, The Strand, Sydney, said the correct type of shoe wear is vital as it tells you everything about a man and a woman, and it is a window to the soul. If you’re looking for further proofs on how people take notice of them and judge you accordingly in business and personal relationships, keep on reading for the experts’ tips.

  1. Shoes are a source of first impressions.


sandals-with-cropped-chambray-and-dress cobalt-blue-over-the-knee-patent-boots-with-dress

Whether you’re aware or not, shoes can make or break your image. According to Dr. Angela Bahns, of Wellesley College, Massachusetts, and researchers from Kansas University, shoes are a source of first impressions. “Shoes serve a practical purpose, and also serve as non-verbal clues with symbolic messages. People tend to pay attention to the shoes they wear,” Dr Bahns said. The study found the most boring shoes belonged to those who found it hard to form relationships because the wearers are emotionally “aloof and repressive” and don’t care what others think of them so they don’t stand out in their general appearance. On the other hand, expensive shoes reflect high-income earners, and colorful pairs belong to extroverts.

  1. Clean and neat shoes reflect your habits.

metallic-gold-flats-with-banded-waist-dress wedge-sandals-with-denim-skirt-and-striped-top tunic-and-pants-with-classic-pumps

Regardless of your style and personality, you have to keep your shoes clean and suitable for the weather and occasion. According to stylist, presenter, and fashion commentator Jeff Lack, we make a first impression in a very short space of time, and the way we assess each other is face, smile, grooming, footwear then the overall outfit before finishing back to the face. “Why do we check each other’s footwear out so much? Our footwear tells us a lot about each other. Are we clean and tidy? Do we have taste? Are we reliable? Where do we stand in society?” he added.

  1. Some style of shoes suits certain personalities.

black-pumps-with-high-slit-skirt-and-wrap-blouse night-out-outfit-with-classic-pumps bomber-jacket-with-sneakers-and-black-dress

Professor James Arvanitakis of the Institute of Culture and Society at the University of Western Sydney said there were definite “no-nos” about certain shoes in society. While white sneakers belong to geeks and nerds, classic pumps are reserved for sophisticated and classy women. “Women often have three pairs of shoes with them when they leave home. There are sports shoes to walk to and from walk, comfortable flat shoes for work, and then expensive label shoes for going out,” he added.

  1. Shoes are crucial to completing an outfit.

orange-sandals-with-casual-chic-outfit loafers-with-eccentric-outfit lace-up-sandals-with-printed-dress

Kim Wilson, a News Corp Australia executive fashion editor says that shoes are crucial to completing an outfit. “You could step out in the latest designer dress ‑‑ with your hair expertly coiffured and your make-up perfectly applied ‑‑ but if your shoes are scuffed or not suited to the outfit, a keen observer’s eye will be automatically be drawn to your feet.”  That’s especially true if you’re in a conservative workplace where every woman is wearing suit and black pumps. Because you tend to dress more similarly to each other, the eye is drawn to the point of difference more often than not it’s a pair of shoes. “The opposite is also true, that if a girl is wearing a killer pair of heels or a guy is wearing a cool pair of sneakers, their feet get immediate attention for all the right reasons,” she added. By taking these tips from the experts, you’ll be able to make your shoes create a great impression for you.

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