4 Essential Tips for Wearing Sheer Fabrics in the Colder Months

Sheer fabrics can be feminine and flirty, or downright sexy, depending on what and how you’re wearing them. However, they’re light and floaty which are only great for summer. If you wish to extend your wardrobe and wear them in colder months, keep on reading for our tricks.

  1. Trade your strappy sandals to boots to make your looks season-appropriate.


sheer-black-dress-with-pointy-boots-and-hat sheer-skirt-with-combat-boots-and-black-blouse

If you still wish to extend your summer wardrobe into fall, skip those strappy sandals and sun hats that you usually wear with your sheer outfits. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Grace, a pair of pointy boots and fall hat can be great to revamp your sheer black dress into colder months. If you wish to channel your bohemian spirit with a lace up top, skip those fringed skirts. Like fashion blogger Elsa Ekman, a pair of crop jeans and ankle boots can be great to look carefree at the same time season appropriate.

  1. Team your sheer ensembles with thicker fabrics.

button-down-shirt-with-sheer-dress sheer-dress-with-distressed-jeans sheer-bodysuit-with-leather-skirt

Sheer fabrics work really well in warmer weather, both for their lightness in feel and to keep you cooler. However, in the colder months, you have to wear them with thicker fabrics like leather, wool and such that will balance your look. Also, think of a pattern that will make the sheer fabric look less sheer and team it with a heavier fabric. Like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez, you may wear your floral print high-low dress with your jeans, making a trendy statement while extending your wardrobe. Wearing your bodysuit with a leather skirt and your sheer tube dress with a button-down shirt can also be great.

  1. Top your sheer outfits with jacket or coat.

cut-out-skirt-and-bandeau-with-denim-jacket sheer-blouse-with-leopard-print-coat-and-fringed-boots mesh-dress-with-leather-jacket

Another way to extend your sheer outfits is to wear them with a coat or jacket. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you can wear your all-white lace outfit with a leopard print coat and a pair of fringed boots that look carefree in the colder months. It’s much less formal and more relaxed. Or, refresh your vintage dresses with a leather jacket that looks appropriate in the fall season like fashion blogger Emilee Anne did, making her summer wardrobe functional and season-appropriate this fall.

  1. Wear your sheer ensembles as your topper.

sheer-skirt-with-chic-blazer mesh-top-with-bandeau-and-skirt jeans-and-bandeau-top-with-sheer-maxi-dress

If you usually wear your sheer ensembles beneath your thick layers, think of wearing them as your topper. Like fashion blogger Darya Kamalova, a bandeau top and pencil skirt can look trendy if you’re going to wear them with a mesh top, especially if fall season in your country isn’t that cold. Wearing shorts with maxi skirts, wearing bandeau top with sheer blouses, and wearing jeans with maxi dresses can be great to wear sheer fabrics in the colder months stylishly and strategically.

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