4 Denim Styles You’ll Need this Spring

Jeans may be a classic and timeless staple in your closet but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother with updating your wardrobe with a pair of two every season. Just like most things in fashion, denim style trends change every season. Of course, the traditional / regular jeans will never go out of style but there will always be a new look that will be the trend and if you want to know what those are for this season, check out these denim styles you’ll need this spring.

  • SLASHED – forget about ripped jeans and distressed denims. This spring, fashionistas are going all out with slashed jeans and there’s no holding back. These are perfect for creating a rugged street style look in case you’re looking to channel your tomboy side with a twist. Make sure not to wear anything more slashed, ripped or distressed so you don’t end up with a sloppy look.

slashed jeans for spring

slashed jeans in black slashed jeans outfit

  • WHITE – white jeans are going to be another one of spring’s hottest trends and if you’re looking for a way to break free from your everyday blue jeans for a while, this trend is definitely the way to go. White jeans can give you a very clean and sophisticated look. Create a monochromatic look with it for a style that’s pure and chic or use it to tame down a wild top paired up with bold statement shoes and loud accessories – either way, you just know you’ll get a fab look with white jeans every time.

white denim white jeans for spring white skinny jeans

  • OVERALLS – overalls are back again for spring this year just like they were last year and this time, you get more options. Choose from full on overalls to overall shorts. I’ve already even seen white denim overalls from high street stores and boutiques that I bet would look great with a cute statement top. Go for a fitted piece and finish up with heels for a chic look or choose to wear something more laidback and relaxed like sneakers of loafers for a more casual look.

overalls and crop top overalls and tank top overall shorts

  • PATCHWORK – for all the DIY-loving ladies out there, this is the trend that will put your creative juices to good use! Patchwork denims are perfect for creating a very casual street style look with a little bit of a rugged vibe to it. Keep it plain and simple with different denim patches or mix it up by adding other fabrics in the mix like leather and lace for a more interesting and creative look.

patchwork denim outfit patchwork denim pants patchwork denim


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