4 Chic Ways to Look Laidback This Fall with Carolanne Roux

Looking laidback may one of the most comfortable styles you can have, yet it’s a bit challenging to make it chic. Chic women are often known for pulling their looks effortlessly, even though they spend much time on doing it. Mind behind the Heels on Gasoline blog, Carolanne Roux is a French fashion blogger known for her laidback yet chic looks featuring classic outfits in impeccably fashionable way. So, keep on reading to scoop some of her tricks.

  1. Resort to a pair of boots over sneakers.


sweater-with-fall-boots-and-tights cozy-sweater-with-over-the-knee-boots

Sneakers may be the most effortless footwear you may go for, but they’re not the most chic one. So, trade them for a pair of heeled boots instead that looks effortlessly cool, perfect for the colder months. Like Carolanne, wear a pair of black tights with your ankle boots, if over-the-knee boots sound too hot for early fall, or go for a deep shade of burgundy to channel some grunge-inspired vibe on your fall looks. If you wish for some excuse to wear your miniskirts this fall, simply wear them with a chunky sweater and a pair of over-the-knee boots, making your sexy staple season-appropriate.

  1. Make your fall outfits basic yet chic.

collared-top-with-high-waist-skirt-and-grunge-boots ruffled-top-with-jeans-and-chunky-boots lace-blouse-with-colored-jeans

Basic ensembles like sweater, tee, jeans, and a-line skirt are just some of the chic yet laidback staples you may go for this season. Like Carolanne, you may spice up your casual jeans with a chic ruffled blouse and a statement necklace, perfect from casual weekends to casual Fridays at the office. Or, add some pop of color with a pair of bright-colored jeans teamed with a chic lace blouse. A monochromatic outfit can also look laidback since the hues are muted, but you can make them chic by going for fine fabrics like cashmere, silk, chiffon and such.

  1. Add some laidback vibe to your looks with a hat.

boho-urban-outfit-with-hat-and-sexy-heels leopard-print-top-with-skirt-and-hat hat-with-boho-chic-outfit

Going for hats, especially cowboy hats will give you that Western-inspired vibe in a modern way. Like Carolanne, make your asymmetric dress and leather vest look a bit chic with a black hat perfect for the colder months. Wearing hats is also a great way for getting your bad hair day go unnoticed. Simply pick a wide brim that flatters your face shape as going too wide will make heart face shapes too small, and going too narrow will make angular faces too sharp.

  1. Add some polish to your fall outfits with a blazer or cardigan.

chic-cardigan-with-little-black-dress-and-chunky-heels casual-friday-outfittweed-blazer-with-loose-pants

Blazers are great for adding some structure to your outfits. But if you find it too corporate, resort to a cozy cardigan that can still make your fall looks chic yet a bit laidback. Plain toppers look more laidback over printed and embellished ones, but you have to pay attention on their structure and fit to make them look sophisticated even in the muted shade. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to look laidback yet chic at the same time this fall season.

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