4 Back to School Outfit Ideas

It’s almost back to school time and we know all you young fashionistas out there are looking for outfit inspirations to keep you looking chic all the time at school. New classes will bring you new friends and I know you’ll want to make a great first impression on them so it’s important that you look fab on your first day and beyond. Here are some inspiring back to school outfit ideas to get you started.

  • Campus sweetheart – if your style is very dainty, girly and feminine, make sure you’re well stocked up on dresses and skirts for the school term. Skater skirts are really popular today and they’re great for putting together simple yet super chic and classy outfits. Maxi skirts and dresses, lace dresses, full skirts – these are just some of the things you shouldn’t be without this school term. Of course, you’ll need jeans and lots of other things too and to keep your look girly, grab these items in soft and dainty colors or with lady-like fabric and details like silk and lace.

cute and girly dress

casual and girly outfit sweet outfit pink accents sweet and flirty outfit campus sweetheart outfit idea

  • Little Miss Preppy – the preppy look couldn’t be any more appropriate for school. It’s cute, stylish and it has ‘school is cool’ written all over it. If this is more of your style, make sure your back to school wardrobe is well loaded with pieces that feature checks, plaid and gingham prints. Collared shirts and sweaters for layering and high waisted pants are a must, too. For shoes, go for oxfords or loafers. These are super comfy so they’re great for walking around the campus all day long.

checkered gray skirt preppy look chic preppy outfit classy preppy outfit neutrals and tan preppy outfit back to school preppy outfit

  • Sassy senior – love parading around the campus and using hallways as your runway to practice your sexy catwalk? We all have some sassiness in us but you just seem to work it better. Some of the things that you should definitely have for your back to school wardrobe are heels, skinny pants, fancy French girl trench coats, dressy tops, leather whatnots and, of course, gorgeous accessories. It wouldn’t hurt, too, if the clothes you wore are of the latest trends —  pastel colors, shearling details, bold prints.

gorgeous fall outfit sassy designer outfit sassy back to school outfit sassy outfit in neutrals Parisian inspired fall look

  • Low-key casual – just because you’re not up for the bright, the big and the bold doesn’t mean you don’t have to look fabulous when going back to school. If you like to keep your look simple and casual, the minimalist style is one of your best bets. To get the look, stock up your closet with neutral colored pieces and basic yet functional items. Pieces to include in your shopping list are: t-shirts, coats and jackets, jeans, boots, sweaters, scarves and hats and beanies. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color every once in a while to your outfits to spruce up your look.

chic minimalistic cute minimalistic outfit easy minimalistic outfit girly minimalistic outfit simple and chic outfit

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