3 Trendy Shoes with Staying Power

Though classic pumps may be the most timeless shoes every woman should have, it may look too dressy and formal for some, especially if you’re a tee-and-jeans type of girl. If you’re a woman on-the-go and you need a pair of shoes that will strike balance between trendy and timeless, keep on reading for our picks.

  1. Ankle Boots

ankle boots with mustard outfit

chunky sweater with skirt and ankle boots office winter coat with ankle boots white dress with leather jacket and edgy boots

Said to have been inspired by the footwear of 19th-century soldiers, ankle boots are easy for women of all calf sizes to wear that’s why they keep coming back. “You can get the look and the height of a boot without having to go full-length under trousers,” says Robert Verdi. If you wish to keep your trendy pair of boots, think first if they’re made from fine leather in classic colors, like black, brown, and dark blue. On the other hand, toss them if they have an obvious faux finish, like lizard, which can make the boots seem cheap, or if “the toes are too pointy, which makes your feet look a bit funny,” says Charles Malka. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, think of a pair of ankle boots with comfortable heels that will look great with your classic office coats in the colder months.

  1. Wedges

floral dress with wedges wedge sandals with dress wedge sandals with denim skirt and striped top printed dress with wedge sandals

Designer Salvatore Ferragamo crafted the first pair of wedges from wine-bottle corks in the 1930s. This trend comes back in almost exactly the same way, so hang on to the ones that have that vintage look. “Wedges give women the psychological feeling of great height―but with much more comfort than typical heels,” explains Verdi. Since the trendy pair of wedges keep coming back, think of sporting your pair if they’re in pristine condition. Wedges are often made from materials like cork, natural sisal, or Lucite, which can be vulnerable to wear and tear. On the contrary, toss them if they don’t have an open toe. “Closed-toe wedges tend to be uncomfortable, and you’re never going to want to wear them again,” warns Nicole Miller.

  1. Platform Shoes and Boots

chunky sweater with navy skirt and beanie peasant dress with platform sandalschunky sandals with casual outfit chunky heels with fall outfit

Since it’s a powerful feeling to be taller, opt for platform sandals, shoes, and boots. Platforms are known in the 70s, but they keep coming back because they’re easy to walk in, and they have a slightly funky edge. Keep them if the shoe is sophisticated and practical. “A four-inch heel and a one-inch front platform is the max as any higher will be tough to walk in,” says Nicole Miller. Think of tossing them if the design is too extreme whether it’s on the material or thickness of heel. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, think of a pair platform sandals that will look chic with your casual weekend outfits while keeping you comfortable and effortless. By taking these tricks, you’ll be able to look trendy on your street style while building a timeless wardrobe.

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