17 of Giovanna Battaglia’s Most Gorgeous Looks

Anyone who loves fashion knows who Giovanna Battaglia is.  She’s one of the best dressed fashion editors out there who also made a statement with not one but four different dresses for her wedding day last year. She’s a prominent figure during Fashion Week and she’s got one of the best street style portfolio’s we’ve ever seen. In fact, here are some of the most gorgeous looks we’ve seen on Giovanna Battaglia.

  1. White hot summer – a lot of people reserve their all-white looks for Labor Day but not Giovanna. Here she is looking classy and fresh in a head-to-toe white ensemble which she livened up with colorful accessories including amazing pompom shoes, a red tassel necklace, and a fun purse.Witty white
  2. Winter statement – winter is usually the most boring season for a lot of fashionistas, but girls like Giovanna know that it’s actually one of the best times to get dressed and make a statement. With room for much layers, a statement look like this is definitely one that we’d be glad to see and even wear.winter statement
  3. Simply alluring – who would’ve thought something this simple would look so good? Not to mention, the combination of orange and tan in one look is indeed a surprising one. If you’re into minimalist looks that aren’t boring, this one is a must try.simply alluring
  4. Playful plaid – Valentine’s Day just recently concluded but that doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing red. Here’s a playfully romantic look that’s perfect for date nights.playful plaid
  5. Mad for metallic – not everyone can embrace the metallic trend and rock it like they mean business but a fashion editor like Giovanna Battaglia knows exactly what to do. Check out this gorgeous look where she masterfully mixed metallic into the whole ensemble effortlessly.metallic glam
  6. Golden girl – another really cute trend that not everyone’s brave enough to wear is gold. Anything gold anywhere is good, but many fear that wearing this trend might leave them with a tacky look. If you’re interested in rocking gold, though, here’s a look to take inspiration from.golden girl
  7. Busy bee – we always hear about keeping it simple and laidback when we want something that foolproof and stylish but the pros who play in the fashion big league know better. Too much going on in one look? No problem. Case in point: this gorgeous look by Giovanna Battaglia.busy bee
  8. Bangin black and white – If there’s one thing Giovanna knows how to do, it’s to take anything bland and boring and turn it into something intensely interesting. Here are some of the most exciting black and white looks we’ve seen from her.bangin black and white banging black and white bangin black and white look


Here are a few more stylish outfits from our favorite fashion editor.

bejeweled chic giovanna battaglia high waisted skirt and red top lovely lbd masterfully monochromatic street style red summertime style

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