10 Ways to Rock the Braless Trend

When it’s hot and sticky out, no one wants to wear more than the bare minimum when it comes to clothing. So, it’s no wonder going braless can feel as freeing as slipping out of a pair of stilettos after a long day. When you want to ditch the tight, pinching, and an underwired contraption that’s ruled your life, keep on reading to rock the braless trend in a fuss-free and relaxed way.

  1. Go for a dark colored top.

off shoulder blouse with miniskirt

Miranda Kerr in tank top and maxiskirt

Though wearing nipple tapes as alternatives to a casual bra is traditional, you may opt for dark colors like black, navy blue, burgundy red and such to cover you up. Darker shades will cover you up better than pastels, but wearing any color is better than wearing white especially if there’s a chance of rain.

2. Opt for thick fabrics for your top.

classic outfit with trench coat denim cropped jacket with jeans

Cashmere, neoprene, knitted, and denim tops are thick fabrics that have a heavier weight that will keep you comfortable and confident all day long. Avoid lightweight fabrics like polyester especially in colors such as white and cream as these have a tendency to go see-through during sun exposure. Also, don’t rely on cotton as it tends to wick moisture and holds the dampness though it feels soft against the skin. Don’t wear clothes with loose-fitting tops as you’re more likely to have a wardrobe malfunction when bending or reaching down. Denim jackets are fine to wear braless as long as it is buttoned up and its tight fit gives you support so wearing a bra is not necessary. Also, denim is a stiff fabric that is hard to see-through, so no one will know you’re not wearing a bra unless you advertise it. For women with a bigger bust, it would be best to find a form-fitting neoprene if you want to go braless.

3. Go for classic or busy prints.

floral maxidress floral romper wtih sneakers striped maxidress snake print blouse with white jeans striped top with skinny pants

Though cup size and the construction of the dress dictate whether it’s okay to go braless, classic patterns as well as busy prints tend to draw the attention from your chest area as it creates an artistic impression. Think of stripes, checks, florals, tartan, polka dots and such when going braless.

4. Look for plunging necklines.

plunging neckline blouse with jeans sexy jumpsuit with heels sexy red carpet dress sexy white jumpsuit

Body tape is the key for keeping your plunging neckline or open sides in the right places so you’ll feel more comfortable and confident. Just make sure to invest in a higher market brand so the tape sticks in place. Forget about unisex overalls as the jumpsuit trend becomes more feminine when rocked on braless style. Just cover up your legs all the way to the floor, let the top be the focal point.

5. Be creative with your button down shirts.

sexy button down shirt with jeans

There is nothing sexier than an unbuttoned white shirt, paired with blue jeans as it gives off a simple, casual, and flawless style. It’s highly versatile to transcend your style from casual sexy looks to classic conservative looks. Just don’t go braless in inappropriate scenarios, especially in a professional or work setting.

6. Be creative on playing with layers.

button down shirt with basic tee and jeans

Braless trend works best when worn in layers. Since layered clothing is a creative trend, why not make advantage of your button-down shirts, tank tops, sweater, and such for creative layers? If you layer a sweater over a button-down shirt, the two articles of clothing will work together to give you enough support that you will not need the support of a bra. Sweaters are tight-knit so they can give you enough support you need as well as mask the fact that you are going braless. It’s a great way of showing off your artistic side in a stylish but functional way.

7. Wear a stylish outerwear.

black blazer with metallic shorts chiffon dress with cashmere cardigan sailor blazer with miniskirt and espadrilles white suit with classic accessories

Wearing outerwear to top off your looks is great for giving you more coverage. Blazers, cardigans, jackets, coats, and vest give you warmth when it gets chilly and cover at the same time when rocking the braless trend.

8. Be alluring and sexy with creative cutouts.

sexy red carpet dress cut out white dress

Creative cutouts, crochet, lace, and even sheer ensembles make your style more alluring and sexy. Just be mindful which assets you’re going to flaunt as showing off all assets at once is not a good idea. Halter tops and dresses give more level of support as well as clothes with under-bust support like empire dresses. They are the best style of clothing for going braless.

9. Be glamorous with metallic outfits.

green sequin dress


Metallic outfits like sequins, glossy fabrics, patent leather, and even glittery ones give off some shine that take the attention away from your concern. Just stay glamorous and confident with your statement outfit.

10. Be confident.

sexy white dress

Confidence comes from within and nothing is sexier than seeing a girl that’s confident in her style and beauty. Work on your posture like keeping your shoulders back, standing up straight, and a dignified posture will do almost as well as a bra would.

It’s definitely necessary for women to wear bras most of the time, but there are times when it is okay to go braless. And if those opportunities arise, go for it as rocking the braless trend is so freeing.



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