10 Non Cheesy Valentine’s Day Outfits (No Red or Pink!)

Not everyone likes to get into the Valentine’s Day theme of wearing red and/or pink on this special day when they go out on a date with their significant other and if you’re one of those people, that’s totally fine. You can still come up with a chic, unique, and romantic outfit without wearing Valentine’s Day colors.In case you’re curious, check out these non cheesy Valentine’s Day outfits that you can take inspiration from.

  1. Light and ladylike – this first look has no touch of pink or red, whatsoever, but it still looks chic and romantic. It combines gray, dark blue, and light beige to create a very girly yet very mature and sophisticated look. The floral print on the top helps keep that ladylike vibe in the outfit as well.light and ladylike outfit
    Light and ladylike
  2. LBD Alternative – here’s a less dressy alternative to your classic LBD. It’s street style with a teasing hint of sexy injected into it, thanks to the cold shoulder detail that the dress features.lbd alternative
  3. Classy and preppy – love dressing preppy? Here’s a look that could inspire your Valentine’s Day outfit.classy and preppy
  4. Southern Belle- here’s something that’s a little retro but also a little Southern Belle-ish. This stripe-printed dress is a gorgeous look to rock if you’re looking for a non-cheesy look to wear on Valentine’s Day.southern belle
  5. Nice and Neutral – not a fan of bright colors? Check out this nice and neutral look that you can wear to your date with your man this Valentine’s Day. The key to rocking a monochromatic neutral look like this is to use different shades and textures to keep the look from being boring.nice and neutral
  6. Blue for brunch – going on a bruch date with your love? This cute and dainty blue dress is the perfect mix of dainty and sexy – an rather challenging combination to pull off.blue for brunch
  7. Romantic ruffles – this strapless lilac off the shoulder dress is a great alternative to your usual pink outfits. It’s got a more posh and more sophisticated vibe to it and it’s also very sexy. The ruffle detail on the dress adds a nice, romantic touch to it too, romantic ruffles
  8. Sleek slip dress – give your man a little something to look forward to by teasing him with this sexy yet sophisticated slip dress in moss green. This is the kind of slip dress you’ll want to go for if you want something without a hint of that “just rolled out of bed” vibe. sleek slipdress
  9. Sunshine chic – here’s another cute and romantic look that you can wear to your casual daytime Valentine’s day date — a bright yellow dress with laser eyelet and off shoulder details made chic and complete by neutral accessories.sunshine chic
  10. Smart is sexy – smart is sexy and that applies to dressing up too. If you’re with us on this one, you might like this super smart and posh outfit that can take you from desk to Valentine’s day dinner in  a jiffy.smart is sexy


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