10 Negative Space Nail Art Minimalists Will Go Gaga For

Negative space is a trend that’s quickly becoming a favorite for many nail art enthusiasts. It’s very simple and is also perfect for minimalists who are looking for a nail art design that’s not boring or dull. If you’re intrigued about this new nail trend, check out these negative space nail art designs that any minimalist will go gaga for.


  1. Shattered glass – this shattered glass nail art design is amazing for those who want something simple yet edgy.shattered glass
  2. Black and white – here’s another edgy look, but this one is a little bit more classy and sophisticated. It also has a nice geometric look to it as well.black and white
  3. Ombre stripes – looking for a negative space nail art look that you can try out at home? Check out these gray ombre stripes that are super quick and easy to recreate. If you want something neutral and versatile, this is it.ombre stripes
  4. V-day nails – looking for a nail look that you can wear for that upcoming Valentine’s Day date you’ve got planned with your man? Here’s a red negative space nail art look that you can try.Vday nails
  5. Pink and gray – pink is a pretty tricky color to put on your nails. It can come off as fun and flirty or totally tacky, so if you’re aiming for a chic look, adding a neutral color in the mix can help a ton. Here’s an example.pink and gray
  6. Gilded in gold – who would’ve thought that a simple strip of gold somewhere on your nails and nothing else could transform them and make them look so chic? Don’t believe me? Check these out and try them later.gilded in gold gold negative space
  7. Confetti nails – whoever said negative nails are way too chic to be fun have never seen these negative space confetti nails before. This is a great nail look to pull off if you want something chic yet playful.confetti nails
  8. Skulls and spikes – edgy and chic are the two words that I think would best describe this negative space nail art look. It’s really cute and it adds a lot of spunk to any look.skulls and spikes
  9. Floral freshness – here’s something for all the girly girls out there who are not ready to let go of their love of all things fun and cute just yet. A floral nail look that uses the negative space technique is the perfect nail art design to wear with something girly and dressy.floral freshness
  10. Eye catcher – this quirky negative space nail look is for those who want something unique and creative. If you’re good at free-handing, why not give this design a try?
    eye catcher


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