10 DIY Leggings Tutorials – How to Emebellish and Make your own leggings !

Leggings are in fact the smartest thing ever created . We all love wearing our leggings as pants , simply because absolutely nothing is more comfortable, especially at winter ! From time to time , though , being dressed inblack each and every single day can get boring . And when your leggings rip , or when you get tired of being unable to see the difference between pairs , it’s time for you to think about spicing your leggings up . Don’t throw out the leggings that you’re bored of — just be creative  !

By looking the photos below you will learn how to upgrade your leggings , you will learn how to make bracelets and headband . Just follow the step-by-step tutorials and use your creativity and imagination . You will be surprised by your crafty abilities .

Iron on patchesDIY-Heart-patches for leggings

twothirtyfivedesigns shows you  how to add sequin iron on  patches to your leggings, but these could easily add  patch glam to your sweater too.

DIY Bleach Stamp Leggings

diy bleach stamped leggings

This easy trick from itsalwaysautumn uses pink school erasers to stamp a fresh star print on your plain black leggings.

DIY Slashed Leggingsdiy slashed leggings

Add a rebel punk rock touch to your black leggings ,  and show off some skin just like Kendall Jenner with this Sprinkles in Springs project.

Sew Your Own Printed Leggings

cool diy leggings

Yin from prettyquirkypants showing how easy it is to make a pair of leggings.  Once you have your pattern , which you can  easily make by tracing around a pair of your casual black leggings, you can knock out a stack of crazy patterned  leggings  in an afternoon. Click below to go to her tutorial at prettyquirkypants .

DIY bleach pen leggings

diy bleach pen leggings

To make these you are going to need a  Bleach Pen and a pair of leggings !

Take your leggings  and stick a piece of cardboard inside to prevent the bleach from penetrating through. Go ahead and doodle away some sort of tribal design with your bleach pen .

You can draw  words, dots, bows, patterns ,flowers,  skulls  – the design possibilities are limitless.

Let it sit for 40 minutes or so, then rinse or throw them in the washing machine.bleach pen leggings diy

DIY Galaxy LeggingsDiy Galaxy Leggings

Here are some pretty simple instructions on how to do your own  galaxy leggings at home

DIY Patterned Leggingdiy patterned leggings

Easy and fun project , make your own  patterned leggings with sponge brush and fabric paint .

Go to website and check the tutorial  : Pretty Life Girls

Bandaged Leggings

diy bandaged leggings

Bandage leggings are some of my favourites right now, they look amazing layered over pantyhose & are amazing attention-getters. Here is a really quick tutorial of how to make a new pair of bandaged leggings from your old pair  of wet look or faux leather leggings!

Diy Embellished leggings

diy embellished leggings or tights

Create amazing pair of baroque leggings or tights with the help of this simple tutorial from  cocorosa. This tutorial is for tights  but can work on leggings as well !

Diy Suspender Leggings

diy suspender leggings

If you like punk inspired edgy look and like cutting things up ?  Then you should  make these super cool suspender leggings, check the tutorial !

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