Zoya Nail Polish in Anja review

Zoya Nail Polish in Anja review :

Clear, cool sunny days are frequent in the summertime here in Oregon. For the rest of the year, however, it’s rare enough that when the sun does shine, you want to take advantage of it. Today, the sun had warmed the earth to a perfect 70 degrees and, outside our windows, everything was blue skies and golden autumn blending into the green. We live right around the corner from a park and I couldn’t think of a reason not to make tuna-fish sandwiches and enjoy a picnic.

Yet, the only photos I have for you beautiful eggplant nail polish  and my nails with Zoya Nail Polish in Anja on.Zoya Nail Polish in Anja

It’s a deep plum and burgundy creme that’s similar to FingerPaints Shades of Dark, but Anja has more plum and Shades of Dark is noticeably warmer in tone.Zoya eggplant Nail Polish

You only need one coat to get such a deep color but it’s very thick and the brush leaves ridges on the first coat. You need a second coat to fill those ridges for a smoother finishZoya-Nail-Polish-in-Anja-review

Zoya Nail Polish in Anja eggplant
my eggplant nails!Zoya Nail Polish in Anja eggplant nails

I look forward to seeing how it looks in matte. I got this and a few other Zoya polishes during their online BOGOF deal. This is my first time trying them out and I’m pretty happy with the colors. What are your favorite nail polish colors for the fall? Do you have anything from previous collections that you look forward to using again?

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