Zanita Whittington: Demure Fashion

Demure fashion is an intriguing style to tap into. Dressing demurely doesn’t mean dull style and a monotone color palette. Instead, a demure style to look elegant. Though plunging necklines, strapless backs, crop tops, and daring sheer dresses are prevalent in the fashion scene nowadays, being conservative, elegant, and demure in fashion styles is still the timeless mark of a true lady. From being daring, sweet, and sexy, Zanita extends her fashion preference into a demure style.

Based in Sydney, Zanita Whittington is a fashion model, blogger, photographer, and a traveler, who is “armed with a camera and one overflowing suitcase” as she defined herself. In her blog Zanita, she features her demure fashion preferences, creative styles, and stunning portraits. She says that her inspirations come from current trends, fashion media, designers, people on the streets, and musicians, translating them into her life.

flared jeans Zanita Whittington

Although the description of demure style may differ depending on your situation, there are several reasons you may want to subscribe to this style of fashion. You will appear more professional and also maintain an interesting femininity.

The demure look is one that’s elegant – a little more covered-up and sophisticated. So, find outfits that have the design and style that fit yours while keeping within the bounds of demure style; for instance, bubble dresses, fitted tops, knee-length skirts, and anything overly designed or stylized. Fitted doesn’t mean “skin tight,” but they will flow against the natural curves of your body that flatter your figure. In other words, pick clothes that are not flabby and baggy. Fitted pieces that gently adapt to your curves will actually make you look clean-cut and polished. You can wear all kinds of interesting prints, designs, and styles while still keeping the sense of dignity and refinement that comes along with a demure style.

red maxidress zanita whittington Zanita Whittington black maxi dress zanita whittington

Maxi dresses simply feel like wearing a long gown. A simple maxi can be flipped into many different looks, so wear it on the weekend too or pack for a getaway. The options are unlimited. You can wear a maxi dress with flat sandals or wedges. You may add a polished touch with a blazer or jacket. Just think about a vintage design, a bright shade, or a classic print. The blazer will polish the style, keeping it professional, practical, and comfortable.

dress coat on short dress Zanita Whittington dress coat on a sleeveless blouse Zanita Whittington blazer on a blouse zanita whittingtondenim jacket on a sleeveless top Zanita Whittington

Be covered on outerwear pieces. Consider scarves, jackets, cardigan sweaters, blazers, dress coats and more. The more variety you have in your outerwear, the more styles you can create. Outerwear is excellent for layering over pieces with skinny straps, and low-cut backs. Wear jackets or dress coats on sleeveless tops or short dresses. A sleeveless blouse or tank tops can look lovely when paired with a cardigan sweater, a long dress coat, or a denim jacket. Add style to your look by choosing one with a fun print or embellishments.

knee length skirt Zanita Whittington longsleeved blouse and knee length skirt Zanita Whittington midi skirt Zanita Whittington

Try a knee-length or a longer skirt in a flattering cut. A-line skirts, midi skirts and pencil skirts are both classic styles that look great on most body shapes. You get ample coverage on your legs, but you also get to show off your calves. Wear a nice pair of shoes, and swirl and swish around.

paired stripes longsleeve blouse and pants Zanita Whittington floral print pants Zanita Whittington printed pants Zanita Whittington

Printed pants fit loosely on the leg and are remarkably effortless to wear. They are lighter than jeans, more flexible than dresses, and more stylish. Wear with a shirt, tank top with a jacket or blouse and cute sandals.

jeans Zanita Whittington black pants Zanita Whittington

Keep your legs covered with jeans, fitted pants, or leggings. If you want to wear a dress or skirt, but concerned that the hemline is too short, be fashionable by wearing something beneath it. Skinny jeans and leggings fit well for various pieces. But be mindful that many leggings may still look daring, considering that they fit to sculpt your body. To refrain from this, only dress yourself in leggings with a skirt that covers your rear and most of your legs. You can match them on a decent blouse or shirt.

Determine what your standards of demure styles are, and find fashionable pieces that fit within those standards. As you have seen in Zanita’s style, you can still look elegant without baring too much skin. So, you may now rock the demure look and be beautiful!


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