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Yves Saint Laurent Palette Y-MAIL Blush Harmony

YSL released a new spring collection in Japan recently.. I always resist in buying European high-end cosmetics in Japan because they are SO over-priced… However, since this was a treat from my husband it was hard to say no! The treat was for a special reason.. I’ll probably do a v-log on sometime..!

Anyhow, we went to Hankyu and I saw this YSL Blush Harmony N°2 – Silky Finish palette.. it looked pretty of course, and then the SA swatched it on my hand and the colour was beautiful! It’s a pretty versatile palette since there’s light and medium matte pink shade, plus a dark shade – perfect for contouring 🙂
Now, for the pictures…

 YSL Blush Harmony- Silky Finish

I didn’t know it came with 10SPF! That’s a definite plus in my books! When the SA swatched it on my hand it was really pigmented. I have very high expectations of this when I use (haven’t touched it yet) I don’t think its available on the US Sephora yet (not sure), but the Pearly LE edition is definitely available. I heard the Pearly edition is sheer, but I’m pretty sure the Silk Finish is much pigmented – will do a FOTD with it SOON!
Like I said Japan European Cosmetics IS overpriced… it came up to 8500円! *gulp* He did insist… ^^;; I have to use this religiously to get the money’s worth!
PS. I have since used it – it`s very pretty!