YSL Rouge Volupté #1 Nude Beige

Hey girlies! Last Friday I finally gave in and bought a lipstick which I have been drooling over forever, the infamous and coveted YSL Rouge Volupté in #1 Nude Beige. Now there is absolutely no way I would part with £22 for one of these babies, regardless of how gorgeous (or slightly gaudy) the packaging may be. I bought mine from CheapSmells.com and although the lipstick still wasn’t exactly cheap (it’s taken the title of most expensive lipstick I’ve ever bought), I ended up saving myself £6, proof that it definitely pays to shop around!



Apart from its luxurious packaging, Rouge Volupté lipsticks are renowned for their smooth texture and glide-on consistency. They definitely don’t disappoint and completely surpassed my expectations! If you get the chance to, definitely give them a swatch next time you’re by a counter, you’ll understand what the hype is about. I’ve heard that the staying power of Rouge Volupté lipsticks aren’t amazing which is a shame, especially as they don’t come cheap, although I’m yet to give it a fair test run myself so only time will tell.

YSL-Rouge-Volupté-1-Nude-Beige-1 YSL-Rouge-Volupté-1-Nude-Beige-lip YSL-Rouge-Volupté-1-Nude-Beige lip YSL-Rouge-Volupté-1-Nude-Beige-swatch





As soon as I swatched Nude Beige it instantly reminded me of another lipstick I own, MAC’s Creme Cup. They aren’t exactly the same, however they are pretty damn similar! The only visible difference is that Creme Cup is a shade or two pinker than Nude Beige. 
Another thing to mention is if you aren’t a fan of scented lipsticks, you may be put off my the Rouge Volupté’s fruity watermelon scent, something I completely wasn’t expecting. I have to admit though, I much prefer MAC’s signature vanilla scent…sorry YSL. 



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