Your Ultimate Guide To Timeless Clothes

Trends will come and go, sometimes within a season and sometimes after a few years. Like who would have thought that the layered or tiered skirt was popular back in the early 2000s but now I personally can’t look at it as anything but a part of a gypsy outfit.

Each unique pieces have their own deserving time to shine and some even get reimagined like the flared jeans. But there are simply some clothes that remain incredibly fashionable, no matter how much time had passed.

Whatever your personal style may be, having several timeless pieces in your wardrobe will do your closet more good than anything. For one thing, timeless clothes are great pieces to wear with what is trendy. Also, you can never (and I mean never) go wrong with timeless clothes. So we made this comprehensive guide to buying timeless clothes.

Never Forget the Basics

You may ignore or jeer those plain round or V-neck shirts and tank tops but these basic clothes are essential to any outfit. And because they are so simple, so basic, these pieces will never go out of style. This goes to show, ladies, that simplicity will never date.white shirt white tank top

Know the Timeless Colors

When I say timeless colors, I mean colors that are well, timeless. We know that even colors have their own time to be in the spotlight, thanks to Pantone’s Annual Color Trends. But there are certainly colors that never go out of style. Basically, neutral colors like black, white, gray, and nudes are some of these timeless colors. Muted shades like navy blue and olive are also colors that never go out of blue outfit black and white outfit

Observe Classic Cuts

One amazing characteristic of fashion is re-imagination, or finding new ways to wear or tailor a certain piece. But the classic cut, a clothing’s original design, can never date. For instance, a cropped and ripped denim jacket with a three-fourths sleeve and in a light wash will be trendy only in a certain time but a classic full-sleeved denim jacket in a usual dark wash will not look out-of-season at all.classic denim jacket classic black slacks

Think Versatility and Construction

All timeless clothes have two things in common: they can be worn with any other pieces in any kind of outfit and they are well-constructed. Versatility and good construction are two things that the simplest, most classic clothes have and this is no surprise as they usually have clean lines and very minimal blazer classic black sneakers

Choose What’s Flattering

One very easy way to know if what you are wearing or buying is a timeless clothing is by thinking if it is something that will look good for any body shape or skin color. This means that whatever looks good for everyone can never go out of style. Think of boot cut jeans and the classic trench coat.trench coat bootcut jeans

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