Your Shampoo or Shampoo Conditioner is Giving you an Acne !?

I never thought about shampoo or Shampoo Conditioner as a potential cause for acne. That was until I was reading some reviews online and came across a user of Tresemme hair conditioner who loved how soft the conditioner made her hair, but said that it caused her to get body acne. That got me thinking..


It’s been a long while since my last post and I guess I haven’t said why I’d be gone. It was law school stuff… Anyway, the last time I went to my dermatologist, I got this new and interesting info. She took a look at my skin and said that my shampoo and conditioner have been giving me an acne. She told me that with my skin type, I shouldn’t get acne at all… That was interesting ’cause I got it sometimes when I didn’t get enough sleep or I got stressed out which I considered to be normal to anyone. But I took her advice and changed my shampoo and Conditioner . She recommended Johnson’s Baby with original formula saying that  some  shampoos  and most conditioners have messed up stuff in there with too much oil that will stick to your hair and melt off later only to mess with your skin. She herself has been using Johnson’s Baby for 10 years, so that is rather convincing.

 Now. I’ve been using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (the original one) and skipping on my conditioner for over a month now and my skin is acne-clear which I LOVE. OK, one word of warning. My hair got really hard and dry which I don’t like, so I went back to my derm right away and she said that it’d take some time for my hair to adjust. It’d take 6 months. It’s been only 1 month, so I’ll have to wait. All I can tell is that it’s better for my skin for sure. No acne. My hair adjusted a little. It wasn’t as hard and dry as the first week. So I’ll wait and see how my hair will adjust

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