Year Round Tips for Authentic California Style

California is known for its palm trees and redwoods, coastal living, and the laid-back style of California girls. While Cali ladies do wear sweats to brunch and manage to look chic, there is a sophisticated strategy to looking so good which make for easy, comfortable, year-round CA style. If you feel inspired on the laid-back life and style of California girls, keep on reading for our year-round tips for authentic California style.

  1. Comfort comes first.

breezy outfit with printed sneakers

white sneakers with casual cool outfit graphic tee with denim shorts

Though you can see some Cali girls dressed-up to the fanciest restaurants with a pair of heels, you can see them mostly in sneakers that give cool girl vibe to their style. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may opt for a white pair of sneakers that will look perfect with your pastel jeans and gray top, or go for a printed one to add some flair to your lace blouse and denim shorts. Breezy linen fabrics and dresses work the year-round, as it’s a Cali-closet staple, but you may go dressed down with a graphic tee on your casual weekends that look laidback and cool.

  1. Embrace leather ensembles.

leather trousers with red coat leather skirt with white blouse

Beyond lunching and brunching, leather is still a luxury that hangs in the California closet. Like Annabelle, think of a pair of leather trousers that will go well with your structured coats in the colder months, while a leather skirt will look edgy cool in the warmer seasons.

  1. Opt for bohemian accents that scream ‘70s or 60’s.

bohemian lace up dress bohemian top with cut off shorts bohemian top with denim shorts

You can’t talk California style without mentioning the free-spirited bohemian vibes of the ‘70s and ‘60s. Since bohemian style is dreamy and quintessential CA, opt for free-flowing tops in the summer that will go well with your favorite cut-off shorts, while a suede lace up dresses will look more appropriate in the colder months of fall.

  1. Go for unisex pieces that look fashion-forward and chic.

boyfriend jeans with pastel blazer edgy tomboyish outfit with boots

There’s a tomboy chic to California style. As you can see, many of the best street style outfits are those that are unisex and require no extra thought. Like Annabelle, think of a tuxedo blazer that will look edgy with a pair of leather shorts and fall boots, as well as a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans dressed up with a chic blazer.

  1. Polish your overall California style with a hat.

hat with casual Cali outfit California outfit with hat

For the days when wearing a hat is easier than washing your hair, a wide-brim hat is a perfect way to top off an outfit, California-style. Plus, keeping tresses slightly messy and beachy is CA all the way. Like Annabelle, opt for a straw hat in the summer that will go well with your gingham tops and denim jackets, and switch to floppy hats in the fall that will look great with your button down shirts and jeans. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to wear the authentic California style effortlessly.

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