Yankee Candle Red Velvet Review

Hey Ladies, Here is my new Yankee Candle Red Velvet Review.

I put the following picture on my instagram the other day, of my new ‘Red Velvet’ Yankee Candle, and I had lots of tweets about it.

Yankee Candle Red Velvet

This is one of the new Autumn/Winter scents for 2012, and as soon as I saw it advertised, I knew I had to purchase it. I adore Yankee Candles; I have a rather large collection, and I always stop and take a quick stiff when I see a display of them in card shops. I love the pretty colours, the glass jars they come in, and the cute picture illustrating the scent on the front. I admit, rather unabashedly, that the picture of the red velvet cake first attracted me to this particular candle…

Yankee Candle Red Velvet Review
The Red Velvet cupcake. Probably my most favourite cupcake of all time. The sponge is usually a rich browny red colour, which is mostly topped with cream cheese icing. It’s just, well, nom. I get mine from Primrose Bakery in London, although I have heard you can get a great Red Velvet cake from Morrisons.

The Red Velvet candle is a warmed vanilla smell, that has undertones of brown sugar. Its an incredibly sweet, foody type smell, that really does smell of cake. If you are more of a zingy, fruity type of person you may not enjoy this; its not a massively strong aroma, but it is rather pungent, and like all Yankee Candles, it does tend to perfume an entire room. I love this effect, and I personally adore cakey, buttery smells so this is great for me.

If I had to compare it to an existing Yankee flavour, I would definitely say it smells exactly like Vanilla Cupcake.They are so similar, there really isn’t much in it at all.

I brought this tumbler version of the candle, as I find the regular glass jars can be a bit clumpy. The silver top lid just looks a bit neater in my opinion.

t was just under a tenner, which I think is great value for such a sizeable candle.