XX Easy Ways to Dress Up a T-shirt

A t-shirt is a wardrobe staple that no woman should ever be without, especially a crisp, white one. Plain t-shirts are like a blank canvass – they allow you to get creative and do pretty much whatever you like. You can wear them plain as they are, you can DIY them into something new, you can style them however you like, you can pair them up with whatever you have. This is the reason why t-shirts make great go-to outfits on days when you want something quick and easy. If you’re the type to get bored of simple pieces quite easily, though, check out these easy ways to dress up a t-shirt.

  1. Paired with culottes – culottes are great for dressing up any casual piece and giving it a slightly more girly look while maintaining the chill, casual vibe. If you’re looking for a way to dress up a simple t-shirt without totally making it lose its everyday It-girl feel, pair it up with culottes and finish the look off with heels.culottes and lace up sandals to dress up a tshirt
    culottes and striped t-shirt
  2. Worn with a long skirt – skirts are not only good for adding that chic, feminine flair to your look, they can dress up a plain and simple tee, too. Wear your t-shirt with a long skirt (any cut / style will do though pencil and mermaid cuts usually work best) and see how it instantly transforms from an everyday piece to a dressier one.skirt in dark florals with statement shirt skirt with pleats worn with gray shirt and statement necklace
  3. With some added shine – need a super quick way to dress up that tee? Simply adding anything shiny or sparkly to your look is enough to make your t-shirt look fancier than it actually is. I would recommend a sequined blazer or a studded jacket but feel free to pair it up with whatever shiny, shimmery piece you have.shiny jacket and star tshirt shiny metallic skirt and tshirt
  4. Splashed with color – got a white tee you want to dress up and add some personality to? Well, then, avoid wearing other white pieces and go for colorful ones instead. A pair of brightly colored pants, a vibrant jacket, multi-tone jewelry, colorful accessories – these are just some of the things you can add to your look.colorful pants with white tshirt colorful bag with gray shirt
  5. Throw a trench coat on top – adding a trench coat to your outfit is one easy, surefire way to give it a more sophisticated and dressed up overall look. Go for the classic camel color or opt for something brighter and more fun, it’s entirely up to you.

trench coat and tshirt with jeans trench coat camel color

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