Wotnot Baby Bath & Massage Oil

 Wotnot Baby Bath & Massage Oil

I guess I’ve had a small baby theme happening this week, but that’s ok right cause babies are sweet and cute. I’d love to share Wotnots Baby Bath and Massage Oil with everyone today. After trying Wotnots facial wipes I just knew this was a trust worthy brand when it came to gentle skincare. What makes their products so gentle is that they are not fragranced, contain certified organic ingredients and are free from glycols, petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens and caustics. This baby oil is free from toxins and contains certified organic flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, calendula oil, vitamin E and naticide. Plus did you know that Wotnot is an Australian owned and made vegan friendly company. Gotta love Wotnot right. So I’ve tried a Wotnot product on myself and was impressed but what about the kidlets??
Enter Wotnots Baby Bath and Massage Oil.
 Wotnot Baby Bath & Massage Oil cap
It comes in a 60ml hard plastic bottle with a flip tip lid and small opening as you can see below.

The packaging is quite firm and difficult to squeeze but the more I think of it and use the product I think that the hard plastic bottle works well. I don’t want or need a lot of oil, especially on a toddlers, so when I tip the bottle up and the oil drips out that’s really all I want to happen. I don’t want to squeeze it to have a stupidly large amount pour into my hand only to be wasted soon after. So the packaging gets my tick of approval.
In the picture below we have three drops of the oil. Its clean and clear with no fragrance to it at all. It has a slight oil aroma but I have to smell deep and hard to sense it.

The oil absorbs into both my skin and my toddlers skin incredibly quick, especially after a bath, and leaves behind no greasy residue. It’s absolutely perfect for using this time of year as it’s protecting my skin and my babies skin from excess drying out. Plus the kids love it when they get their little massage after a bath. Not sure if it calms them down as they are pretty wild but I know they love the TLC this oil brings.
The oil works well in the bath too, as per directions on the bottle, a few drops in the bath is all that is needed for soft and smooth skin. I indulge in this behaviour sometimes 🙂

It doesn’t make the kids slippery when I pick them up and dress them so I’m certain this oil would be fantastic for a newborn, if it works on my kids sensitive skin it will work on your bubs too 🙂 but as with any products you should do a small patch test first when trying anything new on bubs.

Wotnot Baby Bath & Massage Oil application
Turns out this product is not just one for the babies but one for us adults too. I love smoothing it over my arms and elbows for an instant cure to dry rough skin. Plus any oil left on my hands after I’ve been applying it onto the kids then turns into a fantastic hand and cuticle rubbing oil for me. I love how soft, smooth and glowingly healthy it makes my skin look and feel. So kids love it, I love it and I think you will too.

Check out the Wotnot website for more information on products and stockists.

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