Work Outfit Ideas for Winter Season

Winter is the best season to pile on your stylish layers to keep you cozy and warm on chilly days. Some say that dark colors like black, burgundy, and navy are perfect for the winter while some believed pastels are for summer and warm seasons only. If you think you can’t look fashionable on your work outfit without the unnecessary bulk, keep on reading for our work outfit ideas for the winter season.

dress with statement scarf and boots

purple dress with kitten heeled sandals white robe dress with knee-high boots winter work outfit

If you’re thinking of throwing away your feminine dresses during the winter months, think first. Knee-length dresses in heavier fabrics can be winter-friendly too as long as you top some elegant coats, chic blazers, and structured suits with them. Just skip lightweight fabric of dresses like chiffon and lace as they won’t give you enough insulation. When wearing dresses, you may think of a pair of chic leggings, tights, or even a sleek pair of black jeans that will provide you more warmth without breaking the dress code on your workplace. For a creative office environment, you may think of a statement scarf or shawl to wrap around your neck as well as thigh-high boots to give you more coverage.

A-line skirt with coat and boots double breasted coat with knitwear polka dots skirt with blazer and coat

Wearing skirts in the winter may be challenging, but your toppers and tights can help you look fashionable while keeping you warm. Career wear capsules that combine modern classics with trendy pieces are a winning formula to make you look professional and fashionable at work. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may opt for a knitted turtleneck and A-line skirt for your basic outfit and spice them up with a structured coat and fashionable boots ideal for your work environment. If you’re prepared to wear patterns and prints on your outfit, skirts can be your means to do so. Just opt for classic and muted prints that look professional and smart on your office environment.

checkered pants with classic blazer dressy culottes with structured blazer green coat with navy pants and chic blouse winter white pants with wrap top straight leg pants with tunic office outfit with classic pumps

For a functional and stylish office outfit, go for dressy trousers that give you more warmth while keeping your looks formal. Wide leg trousers and culottes make your work outfit trendy while straight leg pants keep it classic. For an artistic and creative look, feel free to go for classic prints like checks, stripes, houndstooth, and even floral adding some dimension to your looks.

burgundy pants with loose top skinny jeans with layered top skinny leather trousers with chic blazer skinny pants with knitted turtleneck top

For your casual Fridays, think of a pair of black skinny jeans, black leather trousers, white trousers, and even a pair of brightly colored pants that will suit your office dress code. Cropped pants can look perfect when worn with ankle boots as well as classic pumps. Just keep your outfit sleek and polished, and reserve your distressed and acid-washed pieces for your casual street style.

work outfit for winter structured coat with knee-high boots and hat statement coat with black dress and boots double breasted coat with yellow pants and pink shawl checkered coat with burgundy pants and gloves

Coats are a must-have for winter that can also dress up your simple work outfit. Instead of going for a classic trench coat that’s lightweight and plain, think of wool coats, fur coats, Chesterfield coats, double breasted pea coats and such to keep you warm while maintaining that professional look. This way, you’ll look stylish and fashionable on your workplace even on the winter season.

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