Winter Fashion Essentials You Need to Have in your Closet

Winter is not just about the holiday season, it’s about masterful styling as well. Because of the immense cold outside, you need to have thicker, insulating items. Save yourself from hypothermia by stocking your closet with these must-have winter fashion pieces:


Scarves are all-around accessories. Sheer and lighter materials are perfect for summer and spring, while thicker scarves made of knit and wool are perfect for the winter season. What’s great about a winter scarf is that you can style it in a number of ways. (See here for the how-to’s.) With a scarf, you can create multiple looks – even if you have a limited number of winter attires.

red plaid scarf

_red scarf


If you want to look fabulous without giving too much thought, then what you need is a sweater. Whether it’s made of knit or cashmere, it’s sure to keep you stylish and warm this holiday season.
_gray sweatergreen turtleneck sweater

Trench Coats

Outerwear is essential in winter, that’s why the trench coat is one of the most important things to have this season. This elegant topper looks good with everything, so it’s hard not to give in to when shopping for trench coats.

_black trenchcoatcamel zippered trenchcoat


Keep your legs warm – without the added bulk – with tights. When buying tights, look for products with higher deniers (70 and above) as it can keep you warm, even if you are wearing shorts or a mini skirt.  This winter fashion staple comes in variety of shades and patterns, so make sure to get your hands on as much as you can.

stripe dress and black tights mustard winter tights


Another leg-warming alternative for the winter season, leggings can keep you stylish. It’s a perfect accessory, in case you want to wear a dress or shorts this winter.

black liquid leggings black tight leggings


Your feet need to keep warm this winter season. The most stylish way you can do so is to invest in boots (one is enough, but it wouldn’t hurt to have more.) Leather boots are good choices as they can keep your feet from getting wet. Choose fur-lined designs as they can keep your feet warm and comfy.

plaid jacket and boots shiny black boots

Even if it’s cold outside, you can still be stylish. Just make sure to have these fashion items and you can look great amidst a horrendous blizzard.

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