Winning Ways to Wear White Denim

Tired of your usual pair of denims? Then it is time for you to include white jeans into your trend equation. Pure and immaculate, white jeans are perfect for casual or corporate chic.  Be a fashion chameleon by wearing your pearly jeans in any of the following ways:

Be Bold, Be Bright

Contrast makes the fashion world go round. So when it comes to wearing white denim, choose a color that stands out. Bright hues will counterpart the softness of white denim.

bright top and white denim

Proceed with Prints

Another way to add fashionable contrast to your white denims is to wear it with printed tops. Stripes, for one, is a safe yet stylish option.

stripes and white denim

Checks? A definite fashion check!

checkered and white jeans

Feeling more of a fashion daredevil? Then bring out your animal print top!

animal print and white jeans

Go White on White

If denim on denim works, so does white on white! It’s just a matter of combining different textures, say, as the one below (knit and white denim.)

white on white

Layering differently-shaded whites is another way to pull off the immaculate look.

all white

…or Black and White

Another trendy way to wear white denim is to pair it with its opposite color: black. Again, opt for contrasting texture (such as that of suede and leather) for a gorgeously grunge look.

black and white

black and white look

Keep Warm

Although white denim is usually sported during summer and spring, you can don it this autumn and winter as well. Keep warm and stylish by wearing your white denim with woolen or knit sweaters. Suit up with leather boots for a regal, polo club look.

sweater and white jeans

Formalize It

As it has been said, white denim is great for office wear too. Achieve the stylish work look by wearing your white jeans with printed or striped button-downs and a structured blazer. Complete the look with sexy black pumps.

button down and white denims

formal way to wear white denim

White denim is a simple and classic item you need to have in your wardrobe. Make the most out of its fashion potential by pairing it with complementing tops, outerwear, shoes and accessories.

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