Why Minimal Doesn’t Have To Mean Boring

If you’re a woman fond of wearing statement necklaces, avant-garde shoes, and colorful ensembles, you may find the minimalist style uninteresting. The minimalist style is known for neutral palette, no prints, and less accessories that some women find boring. From clever cuts to lovely construction, minimal fashion usually evokes a classy and sophisticated look that avant-garde women feel envy for. So, keep on reading for our fashion tricks to wear the minimalist look with flair.

Fabric and color contrast will create interest to your look.

all white outfit with statement bag

winter-white-outfit-with-classic-pumps velvet boots with all black outfit tank-top-with-blazer-and-wide-leg-pants checkered coat with all white outfit

Minimal doesn’t mean going for a monochromatic look all the time, though it’s sometimes the usual. The key to pulling the minimalist look is to create fabric and color contrast to your outfit whether you’re wearing a handful of neutral colors or a head-to-to white. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, go for the different shades of white in different fabrics. Off-white, optic white, cream white, ivory, and bone will definitely look cohesive when worn together, as well as a great mix of wool, leather, cotton, chiffon, silk, and such that will add interest to your minimalist look.

Structures and silhouette of the outfit will add some flair to the minimalist look.

all white outfit v neckline kristina bazan all white off shoulder top with boxy culottes flowy navy dress with clutchnavy-bodycon-dress-with-heels camel tunic with white pants

Though plain and simple, minimalist style creates interest to its clean lines, proportioned silhouette, and boxy structure making the overall look classy and sleek. Whatever ensemble you’re trying to opt for, be sure to get the ones that fit best in you. This means sloppy items and oversized pieces are out of the equation. Though you may go for a pair of loose pants, always wear it with a fitted top or vice versa. Going for an architectural style with boxy and stiff silhouettes will also look cohesive and modern while flowy outfits will add some gentle and feminine flair to your looks.

Complementing accessories will create a cohesive look.

all black outfit with cut out heels tuxedo dress with loafers turban with black dress and strappy sandals sophisticated white outfit with camel bag navy bodycon dress with cap toe shoes all black outfit with statement shoes

Though you may go for statement accessories one at a time, this is often not encouraged in a minimalist style. The accessories are usually seen in neutral shades of black, brown, white, beige, camel, or navy, as well as luxurious shades of silver and gold, as long as it wouldn’t look flashy to the style. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, a pair of cap toe shoes and a dainty gold necklace will be enough to spice up her navy dress. Or, think of a pair of lace boots, asymmetric shoes, or cut out sandals that match the color of your outfit to create a cohesive look.

A minimal style evokes a classy and sophisticated vibe.

white tank top with camel accordion skirt nude sweater with black pants navy dress with brown mules chic blazer with denim shorts and cap toe ballet flats all white outfit

Minimalist style maybe boring to some, but it’s actually timeless and never goes out of style compared to color blocked outfits, mix prints, and avant-garde silhouettes perfect for a classy and sophisticated vibe. Indeed, a minimalist style is one of the elegant and timeless looks we must go for when we’re aiming for looks and ensembles that you’ll wear for a lifetime.

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