Why I love Fashion

I love fashion because I love beauty. I’m not talking superficial elitist beauty that puts people down and promotes dissatisfaction in oneself, I’m talking true proper unique stop and stare beauty in all it’s forms. One of my most used words is definitely “pretty” whether it be for lights, photos, architecture, words, piercings, colour, people, art, music, nature, concrete, my surroundings or fashion when I see something pretty I find it hard to tear myself away. I think that’s one of the biggest reasons I love fashion because at it’s best fashion is a whole industry devoted to beautifying the world, and it’s beauty you wear and interact with, carrying it with you through out the day! Fashion isn’t stored in a gallery or library it’s just there.Why I love Fashion


 It doesn’t matter if this beauty is uncomfortable and unconventional beauty like McQueen or classic ladylike and sophisticated like Chanel or even zany quirky fun like Betsey Johnson (I could go on forever) fashion provides as many different types of beauty as there are people. If your beauty is not represented in fashion then make it, be the journalist, make up artist, designer or model.

I remember being in a shopping centre (mall) with my Mom years ago. It was Christmas and the whole place was decorated, I stopped and stared, exclaiming how “pretty” one of the displays was and my Mom, smiling, told me that she loved how I always saw the beauty in things. I don’t know if that was true about me, but it became a kind of self fulfilling prophesy because I made sure to take notice of all things beautiful from then on.Marie-Antoinette-fashion

 Fashion, beauty, thrives under suppression. Marie Antoinette (perhaps the first style icon) developed the most amazing bright style when her whole world was dark, cold and unloving. Chanels perfection was born in rebellion to uncomfortable, restrictive frilly things. The eighties decadence fought the seventies “free spirits”. “Grunge” was in resistance to the material (girl) of the eighties and Glam Grunge (“Glunge”) was a kind of counter to Grunge itself. At it’s worst the fashion industry can be unforgiving and seem segregated from regular people, but blogging, free and available to anyone with internet access (or access to their local library..) is a rebellion to that.i-love-fashion

So that’s why I love fashion, to put it simply it’s because I love pretty things with a passion. 

This is my one hundredth post, thanks so much to all my followers I never thought anyone would actually be interested in this so infinitely thank you, love.


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