Which Collar is Best for Your Style?

While dressing your body type is one of the most effective ways to look your best, paying attention to every single detail of your outfit also counts. We like to think of collared blouses, shirts, and dresses as the social butterflies, but remember that collars aren’t defined by a singular, rigid style, nor are they limited to one type of aesthetic. So, keep on reading for the most common types of collars that may flatter your style.

Peter Pan Collar

collared dress with strappy sandals

sweater with collared short and printed mini skirt lavender skirt with collared top collared puffed sleeved dress

The rounded shape makes your looks a bit sweet, girly, preppy and perfect for layering with a crew-neck sweater and your favorite miniskirt. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, think of a peter pan collared blouse that you can wear with a neutral sweater and a graphic skirt that looks chic and girly. Or, make your street style a bit feminine and flirty with a lavender full skirt teamed with a peter pan collared top like fashion blogger Blair Eadie did.

Notched Collar

peep toe boots with silk blazer tuxedo blazer with skinny pants tuxedo blazer with sheer top and skinny jeans pink blazer with floral pants

The notched collar is reminiscent of business-like blazers and evokes a corporate look. The collar style allows you to rock a deep-v neckline, so if you like to show a hint of skin, the notched collar is a great option. Whether you’re a fan of borrowed-from-boys or an edgy sexy look, wearing your tuxedo blazers or structured jackets alone will refresh your street style modernly. Or, wear a crew neck tee or sheer top with your notched collar tops to make them look more demure yet feminine.

Pointed Collar

abstract print collar dress with tweed jacket collared top with A line skirt collared business outfit chic collar shirt and pleated skirt with bib necklace

Pointed collars are a classic and clean that make them perfect layering pieces. Since this type of collar is the most versatile to wear with sweaters, vests, blazers, and sheer toppers, take advantage of them to add some dimension to your look. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, make your corporate look more creative with a structured blazer teamed with a pointed collar shirt and pencil skirt.

Mandarin Collar

mandarin collared dress with sneakers mandarin collared shirtdress mandarin collared floral dress

Mandarin collars strike the perfect balance between laid-back and sophisticated. For an off-duty look, think of a mandarin collared dress with a high-slit that will look perfect with canvas sneakers. Mandarin collars also straddle that realm between feminine and masculine that you can wear with edgy peep-toe mules or boots like street style star Christine Centenera did.

Bow or Tie-Neck Collar

pussy bow blouse with straight leg pants polka dots pussy bow maxi dress leather trousers with blazer and pussy bow blouse high waist pencil skirt with pussy bow blouse denim jeans with chiffon pussy bow blouse

Bow or Tie-neck collars tend to have a romantic fit with a drape-y element. If you like to capture that romantic look while maintaining a flirty element, opt for a tie-neck or bow collar. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, wear your pussy bow blouse with a pair of straight-leg pants that can be perfect for a creative workplace. Or, go for a tie-neck collared dress to channel some classic and romantic vibe like fashion blogger Blair Eadie did. Indeed, collars can make a great impact into your style so choose them wisely and stylishly.

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